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Zoo to You gets Tropical


Through the forest

Help the keeper find their way through the Tropical Rain Forest maze

Toco Toucan

Use your brightest to color by numbers

Rainforests 101

Watch: This incredible rainforest footage from Nat Geo

Just for Fun

Pretend to host your own tropical nature show?
Can you guess which animal lives in the tropical rain forest?

Zoo to You with Wolves


The Smackout Pack

Watch: WDFW biologists recovered this video of two wolf pups in northeast WA.

Gray Wolf Fun

A whole pack of family activities for pups of all ages

Wild Pups

Wolves Use All Their Senses to Find Prey

Just for Fun

Can you do the wolf pose?
Howl! Can you hear our pack?

Zoo to You in the Dark


Get your glow on!

Carve an animal inspired pumpkin this season. Use the pumpkin carving templates below to get started!

Make a bat buddy

You’ll never be afraid with a bat this cute by your side

Did you know beavers are nocturnal?

Check out the teeth on this way cool model of an American Beaver skull

Just for Fun

Get a flashlight for this nocturnal word search
Boo! Halloween masks––animal style!

Zoo to You with Bats!



Our friend Kami made an awesome website all about bats just for kids!

Are the bats in or out?

Check in on this bat cam in Arizona

Build a Bat Cave

See what you can create using items at home

Just for Fun

Watch: Bat Appreciation in the PNW
Create an original origami bat

Zoo to you with Snacks!


Who eats what?

Watch: Animal Nutrition at the Zoo

Sloth Bear Cookies

This recipe is just for you!

Sloth-worthy sipping

Make this smoothie for a summertime treat!

Just for Fun

How many fish could you spot if you were a hungry otter? Check out page 30
Color by numbers to reveal this grizzly bear’s dinner

Zoo to You with Nature Play


Sponsored by Molbak's Garden + Home

Nature Names

Embrace your creativity by creating your own names with found nature items

Up for an Alphabet Hike?

From A to Zoo... find the alphabet during your next zoo visit

Scavenger hunt

Can you find all these things on a nature walk?

Just for Fun

The World Under a Rock!
Create a nature mandala

Zoo to You with Tapirs


Sempurna’s 1st birthday was June 10!

Celebrate with a tapir keeper talk!

Design tapir camo

Get creative with cryptic coloration


Can you help the tapir find her way through the forest?.

Just for Fun

Watch: Look back at Sempurna’s 1st swim lesson
Tapir games galore

Zoo to You with Dinos!


Rainbow Dinosaurs?

Use your imagination to give these dinos a color boost!

Riddle Rex

What do you say to a dinosaur to invite them to tea?

Check It Out

Watch: 30 minutes of dino fun facts via Learning Toolkit.

Just for Fun

Travel back 66 million years to meet the Tyrannosaurus Rex!
Get crafty with these dinosaur DIYs

ZOO TO YOU with Pollinators


Sponsored by Molbak's Garden + Home

Garden Dreams

Design the perfect pollinator habitat for this garden.


Played like the game battleship, but this time you are on the hunt for flowers.

Buzz-worthy words

Look carefully to reveal a garden of pollinator-friendly bee vocabulary!

Just for Fun

Give these Oregon silverspot butterflies a colorful treatment
Watch: Flowers and Their Pollinators: A Perfect Match via SciShow Kids











Thankful for wildlife

They are all around us! Explore your hood: Carnivore Spotter

We are thankful for friendships

Like the one between Kitoko and Yola

Turkey time!

Meet Mo the turkey vulture.

Just for Fun

Thanksgiving like a beast
Color this and give as a thank you gift!



Cookies with sloth bears

Eat like a sloth bear with this Bear "Mash" cookie recipe

Guess who?

Curl up in a blanket with a connect the dot mystery

How does hibernation work?

Watch this awesome TED-Ed video to find out

Just for Fun

Build a den and get cozy!
Take a snack taste test!




Connect the dots to reveal a Halloween treat!

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Can you spy these autumn objects?

Watch: Palm Oil Solutions

Be part of the hope for wildlife!

Just for Fun

Palm oil word search. Can you find all the nicknames for palm oil?
Take the treat challenge! Is your candy wildlife friendly?



Masks: Animal Style!

Print and build your own custom Woodland Park Zoo animal mask!

Leaf Rubbings

Let nature inspire with this fall activity

Carving for Conservation!

Get creative with these zoo-inspired pumpkin templates

Just for Fun

Woodland Park Zoo Halloween costume generator.
Palm oil challenge! Is your candy wildlife friendly?



Crafty with Recycled Owls

Create owl-worthy decor for your home!

Snowy Owl Spotting Game

How good is your owl vision?

Watch: Coba the Spectacled Owl

Get to know this amazing owl and his animal keeper.

Just for Fun

Autumn BINGO! Grab a friend and play along.
Read: The latest on our owlets!



Design a Habitat

Water, food, air, shelter, space... everything an animal needs?

Zoomazium to You: Den Full of Cubs

Play at den life.

Watch: Rhinos in Assam, India

Who else shares this habitat?

Just for Fun

Build a grizzly-worthy den in your house with this DIY guide!!
How do we sort in nature? What's in your habitat?



Animal Spotlight with Keeper Lauren

Get an up-close view of Dave the giraffe and learn about his snacking adaptations!

Virtual Backpack: I'm a little animal

Set the tune to this song for giraffes Olivia and Tufani!

Sometimes we need a little extra support

Zoomazium to You: Including Young Learners with Disabilities

Just for Fun

The giraffes need your help completing their silly story"Adventures at the zoo"!
Giraffe coloring sheet! Lots of yellows and browns will make Hasani very happy!

Zoo to You with Red Pandas


Animal Spotlight with Keeper Jamie

Meet Carson the red panda and learn more about this adorable bamboo lover with animal keeper Jamie!

Nature Mapping

Red pandas use scent rubbing to pass information along to other pandas. Learn more about nature mapping and how to create your own version in your neighborhood.

Virtual Backpack: Five Silly Senses

As you visit the zoo (or in your backyard) you can use this backpack to explore with your senses just like a red panda!

Just for Fun

Red panda coloring sheet! Lots of reds and oranges will make Carson very happy!
Create your own red panda puzzle! Snuggle up in a den and get creative!

Forest Quiz





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