Animal Babies


Summer 2024 is going to be cuteness overload!
Here are some of our most recent births and updates on how the little ones are doing.

River Otter


Otterly awesome news!

It’s otter happiness at Woodland Park Zoo for the birth of two North American river otters!

The North American river otters, a female and male, were born March 29, 2024 to mom Valkyrie and dad Ziggy.

The new pups currently weigh between 3 and 3½ pounds each. Valkyrie and her wiggly pups remain in an off-view, climate-controlled den to ensure continued nursing and bonding in a quiet environment. Animal care staff are closely monitoring the new family via a den cam. Dad Ziggy is currently separated from the family and can be seen in the Living Northwest Trail habitat.

Stay tuned for fun updates as we watch these two grow, learn to swim with mom and get into all sorts of otter shenanigans.

Otter pups open their eyes just in time for Mother's Day

Valkyrie gives birth to a pair of river otter pups



A baby gorilla is on the way!

Akenji will be a first-time mom this summer

Woodland Park Zoo recently tested one of its western lowland gorillas for pregnancy. Using the same type of an early-detection kit used for humans, the zoo is proud to announce the test results: two pink lines, which means a pregnant gorilla!

The expectant gorilla is 22-years-old, and this will be her first baby. Akenji is due to give birth the end of June or early July; the gestation period for gorillas is eight to nine months.

Read our in-depth blog to get all the fascinating details about Akenji's pregnancy and how her dedicated team is preparing for a baby gorilla!



We’d like to introduce you to Dawa!

Dawa is a bouncing baby (calf) Grant’s gazelle—and we mean that quite literally! Pronking—sometimes called stotting—is a kind of four-legged bounce or jump. Gazelles are known for this special kind of gait and, as you can see in the video (watch ‘til the end so you don’t miss a moment!) little Dawa has been eager to show that she mastered her pronking technique even when she was only a couple weeks old!

Dawa is growing fast, but she’s not quite big enough to be out on the Savanna yet. We’ll let you know when she’s ready to be in the public habitat, but for now we’re taking our cues from mom, Blossom. In the wild, gazelle mothers keep their calves safely hidden for up to a few months to protect them from predators—and the same is true of our new mother. Blossom is following her instincts and has been quietly bonding with and tending to Dawa in a secluded area behind the scenes.

Dawa comes from the Swahili word meaning “medicine” or “cure” ... the perfect moniker for a sweet calf who has provided a big dose of joy and excitement!

Get the scoop on adorable Dawa! This little gazelle calf provides a big dose of joy!

Baby Gazelle Dawa pronks!

Introducing Dawa! This little gazelle calf provides a big dose of joy!


Celebrate these little ones with conservation action

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