Activities are free with zoo admission except as noted. Subject to cancellation depending on the cooperation of weather and animals.



Fall and Winter Programs



Ride the Historic Carousel*

9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Daily
*Cost: $3 a ride (cash or card) in addition to zoo admission

Enjoy rides on Woodland Park Zoo’s Historic Carousel with classic, hand-carved wooden carousel horses.

Riders that are not 42 inches or taller need an adult to hold them for safety. Adults can only hold one rider at a time. Adults can ride with two children under 42 inches if one of the children is carried in a child carrier that allows both the adult’s hands to be free, or they can all sit together in one of the chariots. Either way the adult holder rides for free.




9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily except Tuesdays

With different play areas for children from birth to 8 is an indoor place to explore, play and have fun! What could be more fun than exploring a mountain cave, crossing a rope bridge in the tree canopy, discovering what lies beneath a savanna water hole or even climbing a 20-foot tree?! All this and more are awaiting discovery for young children interested in nature.

Learn more about Zoomazium


Creature Feature


10:30 a.m. Saturdays & Mondays

A great opportunity for young children to meet an animal up close and personal. Join Zoomazium staff for an original puppet story and then meet a scaled, sleek or shelled animal friend in person!


Look Listen Feel Storytime

Basecamp Northwest in the Living Northwest Trail Exhibit

10:30 a.m. Wednesday & Friday

Come hear a story with hands-on elements in Cathy Herzig Basecamp Northwest. Designed for young guests, this story time experience is designed to be multisensory and themed to each season.


Animal Keeper Talks

Locations of programs are posted at the zoo’s entrances

11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. Daily, Times Vary

Animal keepers provide exceptional care to all the animals at the zoo, making sure they have everything they need to be healthy and happy. Hear great stories about the individual animals that call Woodland Park Zoo home.


Penguin Feeding*

Humboldt Penguin Exhibit

11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Daily (may close early if fish sell out)
*Cost: $5 for 4 fish in addition to zoo admission


Make Enrichment for Animals

Basecamp Northwest in the Living Northwest Trail Exhibit

11:15 a.m. Tuesdays & Thursdays

Animals like to solve puzzles, explore, sniff, play and tear apart. Learn what it takes to provide fun opportunities for animals to show off their natural skills and build enrichment for the zoo’s keas. Head to Cathy Herzig Basecamp Northwest for this hands-on building experience.


Tiger Training Demonstration

Banyan Wilds

11:30 a.m. Fridays & Saturdays

How do animal keepers safely work with large powerful predators? Learn how training allows tigers to participate in their own care and discover what Woodland Park Zoo is doing to protect these iconic cats


Orangutan Training Demonstration

1:00 p.m. Tuesdays

Swing through the Trail of Vines and watch the orangutans’ training session. Training animals as smart as orangutans allows their animal keepers to check on their health and provide learning opportunities for the animals. Learn what the zoo does to help these amazing great apes in the wild.


Wildlife Theater

Ambassador Animal Training Demonstration

2:00 p.m. Saturdays & Sundays

Come on an adventure with the ambassador animal team and meet the zoo’s cast of animal keepers and creatures! Trot, jump and flap over to Wildlife Theater for this fun demonstration.


Penguin Snack Time

Humboldt Penguin Exhibit

2:30 p.m. Thursdays, Saturdays

The zoo’s Humboldt penguin colony has more than 40 individuals all with different personalities. Come and hear about all the recent action, drama, and comedy, happening between the penguins while watching them receive their afternoon snacks.

Our Mission

Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives.

Land Acknowledgment

Woodland Park Zoo recognizes that these are the lands of the Tribal signatories of the Treaty of Point Elliott. We acknowledge their stewardship of this place continues to this day and that it is our responsibility to join them to restore the relationship with the living world around us.

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