Adult and ZooCorps teen volunteers are the heart of our mission to save animals.


Thank you for your interest in the voluteer program at Woodland Park Zoo! We have completed our 2018 volunteer recruitment period. Look for information on 2019 volunteer recruitment on December 1.

Volunteers are ambassadors for Woodland Park Zoo and an important part of our zoo team.  We seek individuals available for a long-term commitment who are excited about engaging with and inspiring our guests.

The primary focus of zoo volunteers is interacting with zoo guests.  Volunteers rove the zoo offering information and assistance, participate in public programs offered at the zoo, and help at a variety of special events.

Once established within the program, volunteers also have the opportunity to apply in other aspects of the zoo's operations: from animal care to horticulture to education, as well as leadership roles within our volunteer program.

Our program offers all volunteers opportunities to continuously learn more about conservation and animals, and to make an impact every day through this active role in the zoo community.


Adult Volunteer Program Requirements

The Woodland Park Zoo Adult Volunteer Program requires:

  • A minimum one-year commitment
  • Volunteer service at least 6 hours per month
  • A one-time $30 program fee (there is no fee to apply)
  • Successful completion of Zoo Ambassador Training

Read more about volunteer training, activities and positions

Current WPZ Adult Volunteer VIC Access (click here)



Current ZooCorps Volunteers

Current WPZ ZooCorps VIC Access (click here)

Applying to ZooCorps

Thank you for your interest in ZooCorps! We have completed our 2018 recruitment period. Applications for the 2019 program will be posted on December 1. To help prepare for the application process, you may find it helpful to review the 2018 application requirements listed below.


Why ZooCorps?

If you are interested in engaging in conservation action through learning, teaching and connecting with other teens from around the city, then ZooCorps is for you!

ZooCorps offers teens a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of animals and habitats, develop useful job skills and take action in a collaborative and fun learning environment at the zoo and in the community.

ZooCorps Teens

  • Teach zoo visitors of all ages about animals*, their habitats and conservation efforts

  • Participate in conservation projects in the zoo and out in the community

  • Gain experience in visitor engagements, education, teamwork, leadership and job skills

  • Volunteer year-round and receive on-going education and training

  • Engage in conservation action opportunities (including habitat restoration, citizen science and climate change projects) with other teens from around the city

  • Are important members of Woodland Park Zoo's community

*Note: hands-on contact and direct work with animals IS NOT a key feature of the volunteer program


Program Eligibility

  • Must be at least 14 years of age and enrolled in high school at the time of application
  • Must be able to attend the mandatory 2018 training dates listed below:
    • Saturday, March 17: Orientation with parent/guardians
    • Saturday, March 24; Saturday, April 7; Saturday, April 14; Saturday, April 21 and Saturday, April 28
    • AND commit to 2 mentoring days, one from each of the following sessions: Session 1: May 6, May 7, May 12 or May 13 Session 2: May 19, May 20, May 26 or May 27
  • Must be able to commit to 5 days of service per month during the summer (June – August) and 2 days of service per month during the school year (September – May)



Service Projects

Woodland Park Zoo is currently not accepting new service groups.


Other Opportunities

Short-term volunteer opportunities:

Jungle Party


Contact us

Adult Volunteer Program

If you cannot find the answers to your questions about volunteering or need additional help please contact program staff at 206.548.2450


ZooCorps Teen Volunteer Program

ZooCorps Teen Program staff at 206.548.2699 or zoocorps@zoo.org