Questions about membership? We have answers!


Buying or Renewing Your Membership

1. What are my membership options?

2. What is a Flexible Guest?

3. Can I apply what I spent on day admission toward membership?

4. I have a nanny. What’s the best membership for me?

5. Do you offer discounts on membership?

6. Do members get discounts on ZooTunes concert tickets?

7. Is membership tax deductible?

8. Do I need to cover children age 2 and younger on my membership?

9. Can I renew before my current membership expires?


Coming to the Zoo

1. How do I bring a guest to the zoo with me?

2. Can a nanny or guest bring my children to the zoo without me?

3. When will I receive my membership card(s)?

4. Can I visit the zoo right after purchasing a membership?

5. I lost my membership card. What should I do?

6. Do members pay for parking?

7. Can I use my membership at other zoos and aquariums?

8. Do members get free guest passes?


Gift Membership

1. Should I buy a gift membership or gift card?

2. How do I redeem a gift card?

3. Will you honor a membership gift certificate I received years ago?

4. Can I renew a gift membership online?

5. Do I need to know my gift recipient's online account information in order to renew their membership?

6. Do I have to create an account to purchase a gift membership?


General Questions

1. When does my membership expire?

2. How can I change my address?

3. Can I change a name on my membership?

4. Is my membership transferable?


All membership purchases are final, and membership cards and associated privileges are non-transferable. Refunds will not be issued for any reason. Memberships start at time of purchase, not when member cards are picked up. Your expiration date will be a year from the purchase date, or if you are renewing early, a year will be added to your current expiration date. For the enjoyment of all guests, Woodland Park Zoo may refuse admission, control occupancy, or expel any person whose conduct endangers or disrupts patrons, animals or others.



Stop by the membership desk at either zoo entrance, email membership customer service or call us at 206.548.2400.