What can the Puget Sound’s cultural organizations inspire together?



Celebrating Our Cultural Partners

Arts, science and heritage are the heart of Seattle. Woodland Park Zoo is part of a vibrant and rich community of cultural partners - from artists to actors to animal lovers, museums to musicians, and singers to scientists. We are all Wild at Heart, and we celebrate our unique and collective contributions that bring life to this city.

Each month in 2021, Woodland Park Zoo will join a different cultural partner from the Seattle area for a photo to capture our shared spirit and see what we can inspire together.


This Month’s Spotlight

June 2021

Together We Celebrate Local!

Featured Partner: Pike Place Market

Today and then every Tuesday for the rest of the month, we’ll share photos celebrating the beautiful animals from Woodland Park Zoo and the seven central aspects of Pike Place Market: Community, Crafters, Entertainment, Farmers, Grocery, Dining and Retail! All of these make up the truly unique atmosphere of Pike Place Market.

Anahi the red tailed boa constrictor visited Pike Place Market for a frolic (slither?) in the flowers! Snakes can sometimes be misunderstood, but this gentle giant shows us how beautiful and graceful snakes really are.

Fishmonger Craig Glaser from Pike Place Fish Market visited 27-year-old Keema the grizzly bear to share a tasty salmon snack. Fish is a natural part of his diet, and he can smell food from miles away – grizzlies have a better sense of smell than a hound dog!

Guinea pigs Pumpkin, Cider and Camilla took in the view and pigged out on a light lettuce snack at Pike Place Bar & Grill. Guinea pigs are very social and tend to live in small, bonded groups, just like this trio of gals who love to live and lunch together. Not to mention, Pike Place Bar & Grill has one of the best views of the famous Public Market Clock & Sign. Skyáana the porcupine paid a visit to Eighth Generation to poke around the shop and check out the stunning wool blankets. This North American porcupine’s visit to Eighth Generation truly kept it local. The retailer is proudly owned by the Snoqualmie Tribe and takes an artist-centric approach with 100 percent Native designed products.

The blankets pictured are from artists Sarah Agaton Howes, Jamie Okuma, Michelle Lowden, NDN Collective/Votan Henriquez, David Robert Boxley, Jared Yazzie and Bethany Yellowtail.



Previous Spotlights

May 2021

Together We Are DINO-mite!

Featured Partner: Burke Museum

Did you know that birds are living dinosaurs?! Woodland Park Zoo’s Buddy the pharaoh eagle owl visited the Burke Museum to check out the fossils of his long-extinct dinosaur relatives. Like modern birds, extinct dinosaurs hatched from eggs and some even had feathers and a wishbone. Blossom the opossum also got in on the fun, visiting ancient mammals like the giant ground sloth, saber-toothed cats, and Columbian mammoth that lived in the Pacific Northwest during the last Ice Age.

After the Burke Museum visit, the partners checked out the new Dinosaur Discovery at Woodland Park Zoo. Coba the spectacled owl, a species native to South America, got a look at a Paraphysornis, a giant flightless terror bird from Brazil. Coba was cared for by Animal Keeper Susie Semler, and the terror bird was managed by Burke Museum Curator of Vertebrate Paleontology, Dr. Christian Sidor. Sidor stuck around to size up one of the Burke’s 5-foot Tyrannosaurus rex femur fossils against the giant T. rex!

April 2021

Together We Protect What We Love!

Featured Partner: Seattle Art Museum

The Seattle Art Museum (SAM) and Woodland Park Zoo have joined together to protect what we love! s Skyáana the porcupine and Harry the skunk made a special visit to the Seattle Art Museum in downtown Seattle. Skyáana spent time in the Brotman Forum enjoying Middle Fork by artist JohnGrade. She also appreciated the Mark Mumford text work on a nearby wall titled, We Are All In This Together. While food and beverages are not allowed in the Seattle Art Museum galleries, Skyáana found a “Claws Clause” loophole and received a special snack exemption to munch on her favorite biscuits during her visit.

Art credits: Puget Sound on the Pacific Coast, 1870, Albert Bierstadt, oil oncanvas, Seattle Art Museum, Gift of the Friends of American Art at the Seattle Art Museum, with additional funds from the General Acquisition Fund, 2000.70. Installation views of Middle Fork, 2014–17, John Grade, Seattle Art Museum commission; and We Are All in This Together, 2002, Mark Mumford, Gift of Carlos Garcia and James Harris in honor of Kimberly Richter Shirley, 2003.60. Photo credit: Jeremy Dwyer-Lindgren, Woodland Park Zoo

March 2021

Together We Let Our Imaginations Take Flight!

Featured Partner: Seattle Public Library

The Seattle Public Library and Woodland Park Zoo have joined together to let our imaginations take flight! Whooooo doesn’t love a good book? For our March photo celebration, Woodland Park Zoo’s Buddy the pharaoh eagle owl made a special visit to the Central Library in downtown Seattle to visit with the Chief Librarian. Buddy the owl spent some time in the stacks before having a hoot with Chief Librarian Marcellus Turner. Then Buddy’s fellow ambassador animal, Clyde the opossum, made a surprise appearance to take in a story in the Library’s Level 10 reading room.

February 2021

Together We Let Our Hearts Soar!

Featured Partner: The Museum of Flight

This Valentine’s Day, The Museum of Flight and Woodland Park Zoo proclaim, “Together we let our hearts soar!” For our February photo celebration, Woodland Park Zoo’s Harry and Cisco paid a special visit to The Museum of Flight. Cisco, who flies in zoo educational programs, explored the aircraft while Harry the skunk checked out the Lockheed M-21 Blackbird, developed by the company’s legendary and aptly-named Skunk Works engineering team.

January 2021

Together We Jump for Joy!

Featured Partner: Pacific Northwest Ballet

The Pacific Northwest Ballet and Woodland Park Zoo proclaim, “Together we jump for joy!” For our January photo celebration, Pacific Northwest Ballet principal dancers Noelani Pantastico and James Yoichi Moore visited the animals at Woodland Park Zoo for a delightful day of dance. Be it on pointe with penguins or leaping with lions, we can’t contain our excitement to be starting the year together.


Inspire Washington

Woodland Park Zoo and many of the partners above are members of Inspire WA, a statewide coalition that champions advocacy and resource development for Washington’s cultural sector, and works to strengthen communities by increasing access to science, heritage and arts.

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