Coexisting with Carnivores

Local communities engaging in carnivore research and peaceful coexistence



A warm welcome to our Coexisting with Carnivores teachers!

This page features the resources you will need for the Wild Wise: Coexisting with Carnivores (CWC) program. Be sure to bookmark this page! It is a private page exclusively for CWC teachers, and as such, has no links to it from the main Woodland Park Zoo website, nor can it be found by searching the zoo's website.

Also, since these resources were developed exclusively for the CWC program, we must ask that you do not share this link or any of the resources with anyone outside the program.

If you have any questions or problems, please contact Logan Lauren (


Teacher and Student Resources


Coexisting with Carnivores Teacher Training Slides (PDF) 


WW:CWC Teacher Guide

WW:CWC Student Packet

WW:CWC Carnivore Fact Sheets

Element 1 - WW:CWC Introduction and Community Mapping PowerPoint

Element 2 - Wild Wise Presentation Video

Element 2 - Northern Trail Tour Video


Student Pre-Assessment

Educator Pre-Survey 

Camera Trapping

WW:CWC Camera Trapping and eMammal Teacher Guide (PDF)

WW:CWC Camera Trapping and eMammal PowerPoint (PDF)

WW:CWC Camera Trapping Student and Family Guide (PDF)

WW:CWC eMammal Camera Trap Datasheet (PDF)

WW:CWC eMammal METADATA (Excel Spreadsheet)

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