Citizen scientists are looking out for local amphibians.





Want to get involved?

Amphibian monitoring training is an exciting opportunity to get hands-on experience with amphibian conservation while increasing your connection to local ponds and wetlands and contributing to authentic scientific research. Training for the 2020 season will be offered in January.

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What are we looking for?


We’re monitoring for eight different species of frogs, toads and salamanders:


Western toad

Rough-skinned newt

Northwestern salamander

Long-toed salamander

Red-legged frog

Pacific treefrog

Oregon spotted frog

American bullfrog Invasive!


Where are these amphibians found?


Our observations are recorded in iNaturalist, a citizen science project and online social network, in order to make data collection engaging and accessible for our volunteers. Our teams have found frogs and salamanders in ponds and wetlands all over King and Snohomish counties, even in Seattle city limits! Please check out our project page, Amphibians of Washington, to see what amphibians we found and where we found them!


Amphibian Monitoring