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Forests for All is Woodland Park Zoo’s bold campaign to reimagine our zoo as a catalyst for conservation.

Deforestation, habitat loss and climate change are urgent threats to people and wildlife alike. Trees are being removed faster than we can plant new ones. Ecosystems are profoundly affected by human and natural events. And our warming climate is threatening species and habitats.

It is not too late to halt and reverse these trends. Your zoo works with communities in the Northwest and around the world on solutions that last.

Together, we envision a future where lush forests, vibrant wildlife and thriving communities live in harmony. Where the earth’s lungs are preserved, and community livelihoods are protected. Where people and nature flourish alike.




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Donate now to protect forests and wildlife

We can’t do it alone. By working together, we can protect and preserve forests for all.

With your help, Woodland Park Zoo can complete the innovative, new Forest Trailhead exhibit—the Northwest hub for global forest conservation. We can connect communities near and far with nature and each other. And we can ignite a conservation movement for a more sustainable future.





Plant Your Name

Help protect forests and have your generosity recognized in our new Forest Trailhead exhibit with your gift of $2,500 or more to the Forests for All fund. Honor a loved one or reflect your love of nature for generations to come with a beautiful leaf in the new exhibit.

In 2026, Woodland Park Zoo will open the Forest Trailhead exhibit—a state-of-the-art home for forest icons like red pandas, Matschie’s tree kangaroos and kea parrots. Please consider planting your name alongside powerful forest conservation stories like our Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program that will inspire our 1.2 million annual guests to practice simple, forest-friendly choices in their everyday lives.

The Forests for All campaign and the Forest Trailhead exhibit are a window into the zoo’s next era: a community-led movement to protect, restore, and sustain the world’s forests and the species who call them home. Please join us as we chart a path forward to save forests and reimagine what a zoo can be.

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Explore ways to make a difference through the Forests for All campaign




Campaign Spotlight

Welcome to the Forest Trailhead

What do Papua New Guinea’s Matschie’s tree kangaroos and Nepal’s red pandas have in common?

They are the faces of forests where conservation has become a community movement. Discover innovative solutions global communities are bringing to wildlife conservation and climate action—and how you can boost their impact from home, at school, in the office, during a zoo visit, and at the polls.

Get a first look at new exhibit plans






For Animals, For People, Forever

We’re taking our commitment to conservation to new heights, laying the foundation for a wide-ranging, community-led movement.

By working together, we can make choices that influence others and add up to big results. We can build a better tomorrow for the Puget Sound region and beyond. We can create a different destiny for our planet.

Through the Forests for All campaign, we’re activating a conservation revolution. And it starts with each of us—because every person has the power to create meaningful change. Join us today to save our forests and the countless lives they sustain.

Join us today to save forests and the countless lives they sustain


Our Mission

Woodland Park Zoo saves wildlife and inspires everyone to make conservation a priority in their lives.

Land Acknowledgment

Woodland Park Zoo recognizes that these are the lands of the Tribal signatories of the Treaty of Point Elliott. We acknowledge their stewardship of this place continues to this day and that it is our responsibility to join them to restore the relationship with the living world around us.

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