An outreach program for middle school students.




What is ZooCrew?

ZooCrew empowers middle school youth to become conservation leaders by providing science learning experiences that inspire them to learn, care and act through after school and summer expanded learning opportunities.

Through the ZooCrew programs, we excite youth from traditionally underserved communities about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) subjects by engaging with real-world conservation issues, preparing them for continued involvement in Woodland Park Zoo’s youth programs, and inspire them to consider a broad range of STEM and conservation careers.

The ZooCrew Afterschool Program

Each term, ZooCrew students in the afterschool program explore the complexities and perspectives around a current conservation issue in a focal biome.  From the tropical rain forest to the tundra and taiga, ZooCrew youth create projects to support ongoing conservation efforts, generate new solutions, and advocate for action.  In partnership with the YMCA and Seattle Parks and Recreation, ZooCrew programs have run at Aki Kurose, Madison, Denny, Seattle World School, Washington, Asa Mercer, McClure, South Shore, and Eckstein Middle Schools.  In partnership with the Community Schools Collaboration, we brought ZooCrew to Pacific and Chinook Middle School in the Highline School District. 

The ZooCrew Summer Learning Program

The ZooCrew Summer Learning Program is a mulit-week opportunity with sessions in July and August. Students dive into learning more about conservation and science through interactive, hands-on projects and field trips around Puget Sound.  Students explore Northwest habitats and design investigations to explore how humans impact the wide array of ecosystems connected to their community. Students also practice reading, writing and math to keep their skills sharp for school to resume in September. 

For a more detailed explanation of ZooCrew programs, please see our program overview.



For information, please send email inquiries to zoocrew@zoo.org