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Woodland Park Zoo depends on zoo visitors, events and programs to help fund our animal care teams, educational experiences and conservation work. With our gates closed, our critical earned revenue that helps fund our people and mission has come to a halt.

Your zoo manages the largest number of live animals in Washington state, with nearly 1,000 animals, and has served as a community anchor and beacon of hope for more than a century. All of our animals, large and small, are waiting out the pandemic like the rest of us, and being cared for by our amazingly dedicated animal care and veterinary teams.

Your gift today will enable us to continue providing the best possible care for all of our animals, each and every day, and to connect with our community until we can open our gates once more.

Your support is more important than ever to keep our vital work going. Gifts of any size make a difference and every dollar counts; no gift is too small.

Thank you for supporting your community zoo in this time of need.

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"Here's to all of the staff at WPZ! Hang in there, and keep up the great work taking care of all of your amazing animals! Stay safe and healthy, and take care!"

"Thank you for caring for the animals and sharing so much joy during this time!"

"Thank you for all you do for the animals and the community."

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Thank You!

During this most unprecedented time, your support has meant so much to all of us here at Woodland Park Zoo. You are keeping our zoo moving and caring for the animals.


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Animal care staff continue to care for nearly 1,000 animals each day

Your support has allowed us to:

  • Feed the nearly 1,000 in our care animals for six months.
  • Support the salaries of 12 animal keepers for three months.



Thank You for Supporting Us

We are all in this together and will come through it together!

With the zoo closed, we continue to think of ways to bring the zoo to you. Below, you will find glimpses into the lives of five of our dedicated animal keepers.

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Show your love for animals and support the Relief Fund with a digital adoption! Choose from Humboldt penguin, red panda, or baby gorilla. Visit the ZooParent page to start your adoption today.

The zoo is temporarily closed following state recommendations to help slow the spread of coronavirus.
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