Summer Kinder Camp programs available for children ages 3-5 years old.




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Zoo Sprouts 

Early Childhood Parent and Child

Whether you are new to the zoo or visit weekly, a Zoo Sprouts class is a chance for you and your child together to spend time with other animal lovers, including a special zoo guide who will help you get to know our amazing animals even better. Each hour and a half adventure will start in the classroom with activities exploring the amazing world of animals through movement, creative play, stories, art and songs. Next, your guide will lead you on a journey of discovery to learn more about zoo animals relating to the class theme.

Adults and children 3-5 years
$25 per adult/child pair, $10 each additional family member 3-5 years
Time: 10:00 - 11:30 a.m.

Registration note: Please only complete the online registration for paying participants. Although they are welcome to attend, please do not register additonal adults.

 Winter Schedule

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3464: Dec 3, Amazing Apes
Unlike monkeys, apes don’t have a tail… so what else do gorillas and orangutans have in common with you? Join us as we explore the world of great apes at the zoo.

3116: Jan 7, Animal Alphabet
A,B,C,D,E,F,G … Come visit the zoo and learn the alphabet with me. Take a safari on the Savanna and help us look for animals from A to Zebra!

3126: Jan 13, Dragons and Monsters
Dragons and monsters... at the zoo?! You won't need armor for this class; these reptiles supply their own.  Explore the world of lizards and learn more about what makes Komodo dragons and Gila monsters as unique as their names.

3136: Jan 21, Trek the Northwest
Pack your bags and hit the trail as we take a great Northwest Adventure. We’ll make camp, and throw on our binoculars to see what amazing animals the Northwest forest have to offer, from our backyards to the Alaskan tundra.

3146: Jan 27, Rockin' in the Rainforest
Join us for an auditory adventure!The rainforest is home to many animals, sounds and harmonies.We’ll create our own rainforest using music, instruments and animal noises before heading out to see some amazing rainforest animals at the zoo.

3156: Feb 4, Tortoise and the Hare
You must know the ol’ story of the Tortoise and the Hare, but, have you ever met either? Come meet these two famous characters at the zoo and learn about their fur, scales, and more!

3166: Feb 10, Ginormous Giraffes
Did you know that the pattern of spots on every giraffe is unique just like your fingerprints?Not only are they the tallest animal in the world but these gentle giants have four stomachs and a long, purple tongue!Join us as we explore the world of giraffes and see how you measure up.

3176: Feb 24, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs!
Bugs, bugs and more bugs! Meet an amazing insect up close. Create your own bug and immerse yourself in the land if bugs as we tour Bug World!

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Early Birds 

Flamingo and Chick

Up early? Experience Zoomazium before it is open! Bring the family for a unique class incorporating hands on activities for children and their adults. Each class, discover a new animal or habitat through crafts and creative play. Once the zoo is open head out on grounds with your group to spot the animals that were introduced during class.

Adults and children birth to 8 years
Fees: $20 each adult/child pair, $10 each additional family member
Time: 8:15-9:30 a.m.

 Winter Schedule

2415: Wild Washington Winter, Sat, Dec 12
Even through the weather turns colder, there's so much flora and fauna to see in Pacific Northwest winters. Come join us to learn how plants prepare for the cold and how animals stay warm with stories, crafts and play!

2116: Cold-blooded Critters, Sat, Jan 9
On cold days do you ever feel slow or sluggish? so do cold-blooded critters!  Warm up in Zoomazium and learn about amphibians, reptiles and our other cold-blooded animals at the zoo. 

2126: Traversing the Tropics, Sat, Feb 13
Tropical rainforests are home to more bugs, reptiles, mammals and birds than you might imagine! Explore the biodiversity across the lush tropics as we create, play and learn in Zoomazium. 

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Young Explorers

Young Explorers child and parent

Learn to engage your child’s wonder and curiosity about nature. During our one hour adventure become a parent naturalist. Exploring a natural, outdoor area at the zoo, you will learn to guide your child in nature play, explore natural play stations, hear a puppet story, and even meet a live zoo animal. Grown-ups must come ready to play! Class is rain or shine; please dress appropriately. We will not be touring zoo grounds during this class, but encourage you to do so after the program.


Fee: $20 per adult/child pair, $7 each additional family member 2-5 years
Ages: Adults and children 2-5 years

Registration note: Please only complete the online registration for paying participants.  Although they are welcome to attend, please do not register additonal adults.

There are no Young Explorers classes scheduled at this time.  Young Explorers classes take place in the warmer months of the year.  New classes will be posted this spring.    



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