Be a Force for Nature

Woodland Park Zoo’s Network for Nature is a young philanthropist network, ages 21-35, who are passionate about animals, conservation and creating connections with others to help advance the zoo’s mission.

By joining our network, you will be supporting both local and global education and conservation efforts to save animals and their habitats.





Woodland Park Zoo’s Network for Nature is a young philanthropist network passionate about saving wildlife and creating connections that help to advance the zoo’s mission. By joining the Network, you will support both local and global education and conservation efforts to save animals and their habitats.



Are you between the ages of 21-35, love the zoo and want to get more involved with your community? Then join the Network!

  • Invitations to NFN’s educational and networking events
  • Opportunities to build connections within the young philanthropist network
  • Special access to new exhibits and behind-the-scenes tours
  • Opportunities to learn from curators and educators who are experts in their field
  • Quarterly newsletter



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Meet the Leadership Council


Kristin Sonon - Co-Chair
Western Towboat Company

“Woodland Park Zoo provides not only the best in natural habitats and resources for its animals, but a place of community, safety, conservation and growth for every species in their care. Supporting Woodland Park Zoo and the community it cultivates is something our family is proud to be a part of.”

Kevin Trella - Co-Chair
Synchronoss Technologies

“I have always felt connected to animals and conservation efforts to protect and maintain natural habitats. Being able to produce next level efforts in this fight has deepened my resolve to help support the zoo.”

Steven Freygang - Immediate Past Co-Chair
Sammamish Rowing Association

“I support the incredible power of Woodland Park Zoo to connect people to wildlife. This connection, especially in an urban setting, is essential to achieving meaningful conservation work.”

Alex Ratner - Immediate Past Co-Chair
Moss Adams

“Woodland Park Zoo is a place where wonder lies around every corner. The excitement you get from connecting to animals can be seen on the faces of kids and adults alike. This type of connection is what drives people to change their behavior - to be more mindful of the environment and to be more driven towards conservation.”

Samantha Huckabee - Events
Seattle Public Schools

“Woodland Park Zoo was one of my favorite places to go with my family when I was a small child. Now, I want to ensure that families have the same access to a world class zoo for generations to come.”

Cady Moris - Conservation
Holland America Group

“I support Woodland Park Zoo because of the zoo's commitment to global wildlife conservation. I am extremely proud that my hometown zoo is taking meaningful action to address widespread species extinction though their educational programs and participation in Species Survival Plans with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums.”

Carrie Ratner - Events
Thomas Fragnoli Construction

“Woodland Park Zoo is an amazing place that brings wonder and enjoyment to people of all ages. I have seen, from my kids to my grandparents, the pure joy that the zoo brings to people. What better way to foster a symbiotic relationship between animals and humans living on earth?”

Kara Trella - Marketing
San Jose State University

“Zoos are a place to educate the community on conservation efforts and be pulled into the present moment where you can truly feel in awe of this diverse planet and our place within it. As an animal lover, I support Woodland Park Zoo’s commitment to their mission inspiring people to learn, care, and act.”

Sean Owens – Conservation
Cougar Mountain Zoo

“I support Woodland Park Zoo’s commitment to conservation through education. I have a lifetime of memories coming to the zoo and experiencing its development over time. As I start my career in the animal sciences field, I look forward to working alongside Woodland Park and Network for Nature to better all conservation efforts.”

Elizabeth Wilson – Marketing
Sammamish Rowing Association

“All my life I have loved nature and being outdoors. When I was 8-years old, I visited Montana and began to learn the importance of protecting Grizzly bear habitats. Fifteen years later, I now want to play my part in preserving and protecting our natural ecosystems, precious resources, and stunning wildlife.”

Lauren Wyckoff – Fundraising

“My support for Network for Nature, and the Woodland Park Zoo, is based on my love for the environment, as well a dedication to educating and inspiring younger generations to be stewards of our environment. I think our future depends on people of my age, and younger, investing in conservation efforts, and I'm excited to be part of a leadership group focused on this issue.”

Victoria Liao

“I love that the Woodland Park Zoo has done an excellent job in advocacy and education. It's a great place to start a social movement for conservation by changing people’s thinking about their individual roles in saving wildlife and their habitats.”