Always Yours, Always Wild

Jungle Party at Heart

Monday, July 6 – Friday, July 10, 2020

Nurturing Our Core


Woodland Park Zoo has served as a community anchor and gateway into the world of wildlife for more than a century. With nearly 1,000 animals and a 92-acre green oasis in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, your zoo provides world class care for endangered wildlife, as well as indigenous trees, rare tropical plants and an exceptional Rose Garden. COVID-19 related impacts create an urgent need for philanthropic resources to continue providing exemplary care for our animals and grounds.

Jungle Party’s Fund-Our-Future campaign raises critical funds for Woodland Park Zoo. This year we ask you to consider supporting your zoo by Nurturing Our Core. From animal keepers, to grounds crews, to horticulture specialists and more, it takes a large and diverse team to care for our zoo that has been, and always will be, a beloved point of pride for our entire region. Every day our teams care lovingly for an environment that is healthy and enriching for the animals, as well as enjoyable, educational and memorable for zoo guests. Our zoo is taking extraordinary measures to remain resilient and resolute defenders of our conservation mission.


What is Nurturing Our Core?

This year, your Fund Our Future gift will support critical operations of the zoo like:


Underpins nearly one month of our veterinary team that provides world-class medical care to nearly 1,000 animals.


Helps support an entire year of herring, trout and other fish for our colony of penguins.


Cares for Ambassador Animals like Lucy the raccoon or Skyáana the porcupine for three weeks—from their specialized diets to behavioral training and world class veterinary care.


Helps provide comprehensive neonatal care for our baby tapir and additional training with mom Ulan for one month.


Feeds the red panda trio, gray wolf or red ruffed lemur for six months.


Provides six months’ worth of sawdust for animal bedding at the Family Farm.


Enriches our primates by providing exercise and enrichment with flexible artificial vines.


Feeds the snowy owl or wallaby with nutritious food for one month.


Provides two filters to ensure clean water for our growing turtles! Filters help ensure a clean, healthy environment for the western pond turtle hatchlings.

Thank You

Your Fund-Our-Future investment will help ensure Woodland Park Zoo’s continuity as an icon of caring for our community and ability to provide lifelong memories for generations.