Wander Into
the Wild


Assam Rhino Reserve brings rhinos to Seattle for the first time ever—allowing us to share one of the world's most powerful wildlife conservation stories while bringing thousands of kids nose to nose with this iconic, endangered species.

What Does My Money Support?

You Make A Difference
Your Fund Our Future gift will help support the care of Taj and Glenn, our two greater one-horned rhinos—from their 40 vegetarian pounds daily of apples, leaves and plants, to behavioral enrichment and world class animal and veterinary care. Your gift will advance rhino conservation, including the Indian Rhino Vision 2020 project, being led by our partner the International Rhino Foundation. The goal is to secure 3,000 greater one-horned rhinos in protected areas from a one-time population low of 200.

You Connect Our Community
Your gift will create extraordinary experiences and drive innovation to enhance the sights, sounds and smells of Taj and Glenn while empowering action for wildlife. From beacon technology to a brand new virtual reality experience, with your help we will immerse guests of all backgrounds and abilities in protecting wild rhino habitats and engaging in the fight against wildlife trafficking, while building empathy through a virtual "behind the scenes with Taj and Glenn" experience.

You Fund A Growing Need
In order to build our conservation movement, we need everyone with us. With your help, we will double the number of free and reduced fee zoo visits for children and families in underserved communities to at least 200,000 annually, catapulting access to zoo experiences, including those with Taj and Glenn.

Double your impact!

Your commitment of $1,000 or more will be matched dollar for dollar thanks to generous donors who together invested in the Fund Our Future Leadership Challenge.

Ways to make a difference!

Your Fund Our Future gift makes a big difference. Below are examples of how your investment can help our entire community stand together for children and wildlife.


Funds one week of care for our rhinos – from their 40 vegetarian pounds daily of apples, leaves and plants, to specialized training and enrichment


Assists with world class veterinary costs – such as a typical preventive medical exam – for Taj and Glenn


Brings a "behind the scenes" virtual reality experience with Taj and Glenn to 125 school students without traditional zoo access


Provides customized rhino equipment for our partner, International Rhino Foundation, to transport four rhinos to protected locations in Assam, India


Supports extraordinary zoo visits to see Taj and Glenn for 50 children – regardless of income level or abilities


Equips International Rhino Foundation in Assam, India with two ranger kits, including a walkie-talkie, radio tracker and GPS, necessary for protecting rhinos from poaching


Thank you. Your Fund Our Future investment creates meaningful change for all!

*We're honored to recognize donors of $1,000 and above in Peacock Plaza, a reimagined gathering space within Assam Rhino Reserve. We hope you will consider adding your name, or that of a loved one, to this special exhibition by making a gift to Fund Our Future.


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