Giraffe Barn Cam

Many thanks to the George & Shirley Baer Family Fund for the generous gift that makes the Giraffe Cam possible.


The giraffe cam is currently undergoing maintenance.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Say hello to Seattle's #tallestbaby, Lulu!

Watch mom Tufani, aunt Olivia, dad Dave and little Lulu—Seattle's #tallestbaby—live from Woodland Park Zoo's giraffe barn.

Don't see any giraffes?  The barn is homebase for the giraffe when they aren't out in the outdoor corrals or on the large, grassy savanna they share with zebra, gazelle and other animals.


Saving Species


With their towering height and big, wide-set searching eyes, giraffes act as the lookout for savanna wildlife in their native Africa. But now it’s our turn to look out for them. The population of giraffes has declined by more than 40% over the past 15 years with current estimates of only 80,000 individuals remaining in Africa. Among the nine subspecies of giraffes, the West African and Rothschild’s are endangered, with fewer than 200 and more than 500, respectively, remaining in the wild. Giraffes face a number of threats including poaching, habitat loss in their feeding ranges, and the soaring human population growth.

Learn how Woodland Park Zoo supports giraffe conservation