Zoo Expeditions: Primate Behavior & Conservation

Zoo Expeditions

Dates & Times: This course meets 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. on four Saturdays: September 22, October 6, November 3 and December 1.

Course fee for AIP students: $1,425 Woodland Park Zoo/Miami University course fee. This fee covers the cost of credit and course administration for 3 graduate semester credits, course materials, zoo admission and snacks. 

Course fee for 30 STEM clock hours/audit: $390 Woodland Park Zoo course fee. This fee covers the cost of Washington state-approved STEM clock hours, course materials, zoo admission and snacks.

AIP Registration: AIP students register for this course via the AIP Cohort Web Workshop. Registration closes June 30.

All Other Registration:
Online registration for non-AIP students is available at the link below. Registration closes September 17.


Course participants investigate primate conservation and behavior through direct observation at Woodland Park Zoo exploring key questions about how and why species act the way they do in different situations. This course provides a foundation for understanding ethological research methods and primate conservation issues that can be applied and adapted to increase understanding about animal welfare and primate conservation in educational and community settings. Opportunities are provided for comparative studies on topics including social structure, reproductive behavior and animal communication. Course participants will also examine primate conservation issues, explore how zoos partner to support primate conservation in the field and develop a knowledge base for understanding zoo-based and field-based primate behavior research.


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