Timed Ticket Update

Complimentary ticket holders, including those with Community Access Program tickets may make in-person reservations for the next available entrance time at the zoo. At this time, complimentary tickets cannot be redeemed online to reserve an entrance time in advance. Please anticipate long wait times to enter the zoo.

If the zoo is sold out for the day, complimentary ticket reservations may be made in person for an alternate date.

At this time, the zoo is not able to offer a day-of, call-in option for complimentary ticket holders to determine if the zoo is sold out or the likelihood of quick entry.

Advance group reservations using complimentary tickets are not available.


We believe time spent with wildlife is educational, motivational and restorative. It is our goal to make such experiences possible to as many people as possible regardless of their economic circumstances.

As a reflection of the wide support that makes our world-class zoo so strong, the Community Access Program (CAP) is dedicated to making the zoo more accessible to low-income, at-risk or under resourced community members.

In partnership with eligible nonprofits, foundations, state and local government entities, and indigenous community organizations, we work with human service providers to distribute more than 80,000 free admissions to community members annually.

Community Access Program PARTNERS


Are You a Nonprofit, Foundation or Government Entity?

You may be eligible to apply to become an annual Community Access Program (CAP) partner and receive admission tickets to distribute to your constituents in need.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must be a nonprofit with verifiable 501(c)(3) status OR a Washington state or local government entity OR a Washington indigenous community organization AND

  • Must have programs that specifically serve low-income and/or at-risk children and adults or other demonstrated underserved groups.

Application Requirements

Please have the following ready to submit when applying:

  • Federal Tax ID number

  • Mission Statement or can describe how the tickets will be used with constituents to advance the organization’s service mission and show that visiting the zoo directly enhances or supports its mission

  • Organization’s website, physical address and contact info

Additional considerations

Due to the volume of requests, priority is given to partners that meet the following requirements:

  • Provide programs or services to underserved communities within King County

  • Must have programs that specifically serve low-income and/or at-risk children and adults or other demonstrated underserved groups

  • Shares social good, educational or conservation values

  • Religious organizations should demonstrate a secular community function that provides social services to low-income or at-risk community members regardless of religious affiliation without promoting belief in a particular faith.


School and Educational Group Visits

School groups (PreK-12, SPP, Head Start and ECEAP) and community groups visiting Woodland Park Zoo for an educational purpose are welcome to register for a self-guided field trip.
CAP and School-to-Zoo levy financial assistance are available for eligible groups.

Field Trip Information
Field Trip Financial Assistance

Are You an Individual?

Due to the sheer volume of requests, the Community Access Program is unable to provide service directly to individuals. Individuals seeking admission options are welcome to contact CAP partners in their area or refer to the zoo discount program for alternatives.

How to Apply


CAP Tickets

We are no longer taking requests for CAP tickets. Please join our mailing list for up-to-date information and ticket availability announcements.

Group Vouchers

We no longer offer group vouchers. Please include the anticipated number of guests you will bring as a group in your ticket requests. You are still welcome to come as a group and use individual tickets.

Please email for questions.


Join the Mailing List


If you have questions about the Community Access Program, our FAQ may help.





Letters From the Community

I felt the need to tell someone how wonderful it has been to hand out the zoo tickets to our patients. The parents are always so grateful and the kids, so excited! Thank you so much for making it possible!


Many of the children and families with whom we work would not otherwise have the means to access the zoo and we truly appreciate the opportunity to provide them with this special privilege.” 


All of our clients are in transition from homelessness while they enter our program. All are low income and many are single parents with children. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to give them tickets to the zoo and they are always beyond thrilled to receive them.


If you have questions about the Community Access Program, our CAP FAQ may help.


ALERT: We will be closing at 2:00 p.m. on Thanksgiving Day - Thursday, November 26, 2020.