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A nature-inspired indoor play space for kids 8 years and younger


What is Zoomazium?

Zoomazium is an indoor, all-weather facility that incorporates spectacular multimedia features with fun, interactive nature-themed areas devoted to play and learning for children birth to 8 years of age (though all ages are welcome!). All the exhibits within Zoomazium have been designed for whole-bodied, imaginative play, as well as integration with existing zoo programs.

The building is divided into several play areas, including active spaces for exploratory play, a stage for theatrical demonstrations, storytelling, puppet shows and video presentations, and a Project Place and Nature Exchange for guided learning. What could be more fun than exploring a mountain cave, crossing a rope bridge in the tree canopy, discovering what lies beneath a savanna water hole or even climbing a 20-foot tree?! All this and more are awaiting discovery for young children interested in nature.

School Groups in Zoomazium

Zoomazium is a terrific place for parents and their young children to explore nature indoors. Because children require close supervision to play safely in Zoomazium, this building can be challenging for school groups. School groups, especially 2nd grade and under, are welcome to enjoy Zoomazium during their school visit. Please have no more than three (3) children per chaperone when you visit Zoomazium, and supervise them closely to ensure their safety. School groups will be admitted to Zoomazium on a first-come, first-served basis according to building capacity. If the building is at capacity when you arrive, please consider coming back a little later during your visit.


NEWS: Recycling Program Update

Attention super recyclers! The Nature Exchange Recycling program concluded on September 30, 2014. We will no longer be able to accept recyclables. Please stop by Nature Exchange to learn ways to keep earning points by starting your own recycling brigade!

Click here to connect to the resources for recycling those items that you have collected



If you cannot find the answers to your questions on this site or need additional information about Zoomazium or Nature Exchange, please call 206.548.2520 or email.


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