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Vote YES on Prop 1


In front of every zoo exhibit is a child in awe.
Inside every zoo exhibit is an animal at home.
Behind every zoo exhibit is your vote.

Your YES vote for parks will make it possible for the zoo to maintain its award-winning exhibits and the suite of engineering marvels needed to keep them running.

From maintaining a sandy desert for meerkats and a crystal-clear pool for penguins, to a sun-drenched aviary for birds and a shaded cave for jaguars, the zoo provides for the diverse needs of our animals through state-of-the-art exhibit design. Yet Woodland Park Zoo has been without a source of major-maintenance funding since 2008, leaving incomplete many large projects needed to keep it all in tip-top shape and running sustainably.


What Your Yes Vote Will Accomplish

On August 5th, Seattleites will have the opportunity to vote YES on Prop 1 to fund major maintenance projects at the zoo and Seattle’s parks, addressing a backlog of needs essential to maintenance, sustainability, and accessibility. According to Seattle Parks for All:

Seattle Proposition 1 will address a wide variety of parks system needs including: major maintenance like replacing leaky roofs, boiler replacements, and critical electrical upgrades; ongoing maintenance like cleaning restrooms, trash pickup, and mowing; restoring staffing, hours, and programs for kids and seniors at community centers for kids and seniors; acquiring new parks and open space to meet increased demand; funding for major maintenance at Woodland Park Zoo and the Seattle Aquarium; and funding to protect habitat and open spaces in the city.

All of this critical work will only cost the owner of a $400,000 home only $4 a month more than the expiring parks levy.

What You Can Do

Vote YES on prop 1 for parks by August 5. Look for ballots to arrive in Seattle homes this July.

Additionally, to show your support you can:

  1. Raise your voice for parks and let others know how you’ll vote.
    Sign the endorsement
  2. Show your neighborhood your support for Prop 1 with a yard sign.
    Request a sign
  3. Help your neighbors understand what’s at stake and how Prop 1 will address these issues.
    Learn more about how a park district works.



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