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The New Heart of the Zoo



number of wild tigers in the world in early 1900s


number of wild tigers left in the world today


number of tigers surviving in Malaysia


time left to waste if we want a world with tigers in it

These dwindling numbers prove it. Right now, we are faced with the most pressing question of our times —how do we create a healthy, sustainable world for people and all species?

Woodland Park Zoo and our partner, Panthera, are working with Malaysian colleagues to answer this critical question. Together, we are bolstering tiger survival through anti-poaching efforts, human/wildlife conflict mitigation, and wildlife corridor management.

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The New Heart of the Zoo

Go Deeper into Tiger Conservation

It’s not too late to save tigers, but hard work from conservationists in the field and governmental policies may not be enough. The support of communities just like yours is crucial to our success in protecting habitat and fighting poaching.

Even though we live a world away, we are connected to the threats tigers face, such as deforestation linked to unsustainable palm oil production - and we are part of the solution.

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The New Heart of the Zoo

See Tigers at Banyan Wilds

Every visit to Woodland Park Zoo is a conservation action. Your admission or membership helps fund conservation work in the field that is already making an impact for tigers and sloth bears. Get up close, get inspired, and get involved at Banyan Wilds.

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