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The New Heart of the Zoo




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The New Heart of the Zoo

At the Zoo

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In the all new heart of the zoo, tigers and sloth bears return in the state-of-the-art Banyan Wilds exhibit, open May 2. Get closer to these animals than ever before! Banyan Wilds explores the diversity of Asia’s tropical forests and the crossroads we face as communities learn to coexist with wildlife. Discover how our actions can make a difference all the way across the globe.

Explore the exhibit

The New Heart of the Zoo

In the Community

Show Your Stripes Tour

The story continues with the Show Your Stripes tiger art tour hitting Puget Sound this summer. Ten tiger statues painted by prominent local artists bring the plight of tigers into the heart of our communities and challenge us to take action. PLUS: Woodland Park Zoo is teaming up with Seattle Public Library’s Wild Science! 2015 Summer Learning Program to bring wildlife science into your homes and neighborhoods.

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The New Heart of the Zoo

In the Wild

Learn More About Tiger Conservation

Fewer than 350 Malayan tigers survive in the heart of the wild, but there is hope. If we can protect their habitat and keep them out of the hands of poachers, tiger populations can rebound. Woodland Park Zoo and Panthera work with on-the-ground partners in Malaysia to protect tigers and their forest homes. Will you join us and show your stripes for tiger conservation?

Show your stripes for tigers


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