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Zoo Adventures run March through November. Register for your Zoo Adventure now!

Join us for an exciting look at the zoo after hours. Through guided tours in the evening and early morning, you will get the inside scoop on our animals from our amazing education staff members. 

Choose from the programs listed below to enjoy an event that caters to your interests! Then, chose the Zoo Adventure that fits your group, Large Groups, Small Groups or Scout Groups below for more information and to register!

Living Wild!

A true outdoor adventure! Together, we’ll tie, pitch, and problem solve our way through basic wilderness skills. Learn to live alongside wildlife while enjoying the great outdoors. Program runs rain or shine, so live wild and come prepared for any weather.

Stealthy Science: Research after Dark

Join a group of fellow field researchers-in-training for an expedition at the zoo. Learn about tools and techniques used by scientists to study animals in the wild. Hone your tracking skills while prowling the zoo.

A Zookeeper's Life For Me

Join us for an exporation into the life of a zookeeper at Woodland Park Zoo as you investigate the triumphs of caring for some of the smallest and largest animals on earth. Learn about techniques zookeepers use to work with animals and try your hand at creating an enrichment item.


Large Groups

Small Groups

Scout Groups

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