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Latest Issue - Fall 2015

In this issue:

  • Grizzly Bears: Home in the North Cascades
  • A Day in the Life of a Zookeeper
  • Baccivorous Berry Eaters
  • Who’s Who at the Zoo
  • An Otterly Adorable Duo
  • Membership Matters
  • 1401: Vote Yes for Conservation
  • Animal Spotlight: White-Naped Cranes
  • MyZoo Kids: Northwest Animals



Thank a Tiger Hero - Contest Winners!
Congratulations Suhyeon and Ella!

Conservationists and rangers are real heroes working to protect tigers and their habitat. In May, we asked young MyZoo magazine readers to create their own ‘thank you’ posters and we’d send them straight to our colleagues in the tropical forest of Malaysia:

And remember, you can bring your copy of MyZoo magazine to Nature Exchange at Zoomazium to earn some extra points!

Make your own tiger bank

Can you imagine living in a world without tigers? We can’t either! So we’re asking kids of all ages to help us create an extreme makeover of our tiger and sloth bear exhibits. Save some allowance; hold a fundraiser; do special projects and donate to the cause. Then build a tiger bank!

Pick up a pre-cut bank at a zoo admissions gate or print your own! Children who return tiger banks at any zoo admissions gate with their names and contact information will earn their very own young philanthropist recognition certificate with our roaring thanks.

Download the tiger bank template



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