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Latest Issue - Summer 2015

In this issue:

  • Malayan Tigers
  • The New Heart of the Zoo: Bnayan Wilds
  • At the Crossroads: Tiger Conservation
  • The Roots of Banyan Wilds
  • Meet the Tigers
  • Membership Matters
  • Animal Spotlight: Maned Wolves
  • Lifelong Learning: Tips for any Age!
  • MyZoo Kids: Thank a Ranger Art Contest



Thank a Tiger Hero Contest

Conservationists and rangers are real heroes working to protect tigers and their habitat. Create your own ‘thank you’ poster and we’ll send it straight to our colleagues in the tropical forest of Malaysia. 

Enter and you could win…

Grand Prize (ages 7-10):  A zoo sleepover experience for you and your favorite adult on August 15, 2015.

Grand Prize (ages 3-6):  A tiger ZooParent adoption and plush. 

Two lucky runners up (all ages) will receive a Woodland Park Zoo t-shirts and 2 giraffe feeding tickets.


See complete rules and guidelines

Follow these steps to enter the contest:

  1. Print out the “Thank You” template.
  2. Use your imagination to fill the poster with a drawing, collage or cartoon to say ‘Thank You’ to a tiger hero– anything goes as long as it fits on the page. Include your name and age, your parent or guardian’s name and phone or e-mail.
  3. Send your submissions to us directly at 
    MyZoo kids contest c\o Pisto
    Woodland Park Zoo
    5200 Phinney Ave N. Seattle, WA.  98103
    OR  you can drop off your submissions at either south or west membership offices.

    Submissions are due by June 15, 2015 11:59 p.m.
  4. That’s it! You have entered to win a special sleepover at the zoo for you and your favorite adult or a tiger ZooParent adoption! We will send copies of ALL of the entries to our field partners in Malaysia to thank them for being tiger heroes.

Helpful Contest Tips

For young children:
Assist younger children by asking questions like “Why do you think tigers need people to keep them safe?” Ask them to think about the heroes in their own neighborhood, and then let them get creative with the drawing portion of the contest.

Hey parents!
Help your kids by doing some research together on tiger conservation. Here are a few resources that might be helpful:

Materials you will need
Materials you will need
  • Printed ‘Thank You’ template
  • A good spot to sit and draw or write
  • Pencils, markers, watercolors, stickers – anything goes!
  • A stamp to mail in your entry (or drop it off next time you visit the zoo)


Make your own tiger bank

Can you imagine living in a world without tigers? We can’t either! So we’re asking kids of all ages to help us create an extreme makeover of our tiger and sloth bear exhibits. Save some allowance; hold a fundraiser; do special projects and donate to the cause. Then build a tiger bank!

Pick up a pre-cut bank at a zoo admissions gate or print your own! Children who return tiger banks at any zoo admissions gate with their names and contact information will earn their very own young philanthropist recognition certificate with our roaring thanks.

Download the tiger bank template



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