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Jobs at Woodland Park Zoo



A zoo is a community, populated by people who hail from a variety of backgrounds, and working from different paths, but all united for the ultimate purpose of helping to protect and promote the fascination and awesome power of animals and their habitats.

keeper scattering food

It’s easy to say that we at Woodland Park Zoo are here because we all love animals. But above that, we share an intrinsic sense of responsibility to protect the earth and its wildlife and wild places.

Zookeepers, animal health care staff and horticulture staff are three groups of many that fascinate many people. They are the people who directly care for the animals and plants at the zoo and often, animals and plants in need in the wild through our many conservation projects. They are caring, concerned and involved people, their passion for animals and habitat reflected directly in their both in their work lives and personal actions.

We invite you to learn more about these dedicated professionals and see what they do on a daily basis here at the zoo. 


Internships, externships and job shadowing at the zoo

Hundreds of individuals contact Woodland Park Zoo every year asking about the possibility of internships or job shadowing in zoo keeping, animal health veterinary work, horticulture and other vocations. Due to the volume of requests, staffing and space limitations, we ordinarily are unable to honor most requests. However, intern opportunities occasionally arise in several areas. Learn more.