Supporting the TKCP's Mission

TKCP's work in Papua New Guinea would not be possible without the generous support of both individuals and institutions including other zoos, conservation organizations and private foundations.

Individuals & Foundations



$100,000 and above

Conservation International
Woodland Park Zoo

$50,000 - $99,999

Cammi and Jeff Libby
George Meyer and Maria Semple
Robert Plotnick and Gay Jensen
John F. Swift
Swift Family Fund
Margie Wetherald and Len Barson

$20,000 - $49,999

Blumenthal-Edsforth Family
Columbus Zoological Park Association, Inc.
Nina Dabek and Peggy Shannon
Microsoft Employee Matching Gift Program
Roger Williams Park Zoo
Kevin M. Schofield
The Shared Earth Foundation

$5,000 - $19,999

Paul and Sarah Balle
Carolyn Beard Ewel
Sonya and Tom Campion
Merrick and Lorraine Darley
Stuart N. DeSpain
Serena and Neal Friedman
Lynn Hall
Rosemarie Havranek and Nathan Myhrvold
The Hoffmann Family
Rampa Hormel
Carol and Bruce Hosford
Leonard and Norma Klorfine
Amanda and Stuart Klorfine
Klorfine Foundation
Victoria Leslie
Trish Miner
Mohamed bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund
Richard Saada
Sedgwick County Zoo
Maryanne Tagney Jones and David T. Jones
Craig Tall
Gail Warren

$1,000 - $4,999

John and Andrea Adams
Albuquerque BioPark
Jane Alexander and Edwin Sherin
Paul Balle
Anthony and Lillian Bay
Glen and Susan Beebe
Laura Bentley
David Brunelle
Mark Christiansen
Cleveland Zoological Society
Michael and Lois Craig
Richard and Ginger Goldman
Ted and Tara Hart
IBM Corporation
Sugi Kana
Glenn Kawasaki
Rob and Marti Liddell
Ruth and Terry Lipscomb
Bert and Susan Loosmore
Steve Macbeth
Milwaukee County Zoo
Daniel and Meredith Morris
Greg Parrott
The Reeve Family
Patti and William Savoy
Adam and Catherine Schaeffer
Gena Shurtleff
Gary Smith and Kathleen Kemper
Lisa Tiedt
UBS Financial Services
Utah's Hogle Zoo
Christy Wyckoff
Lauren Wyckoff
ZooParc de Beauval

Up to $999

Anonymous (4)
Richard Abel and Roberta Berner
Hannah Ahmed
Harriet Allen
Avery and Marcia Aten
Robert Bailey
Anne Bartin
Dominique Bideau-de Rozario
Richard Biribauer
Barbara Birney
The Boeing Company
Victor Bozzo
Mylene Brooks
Barbara Christensen and Jeff Meyer
Leonard and Sharon Clemeson
Susan Cohen
Stephan Coonrod and Cheryl Clark
Gabriel Cronin
Sophie Danforth
Brian Darley
James DeBonis
Daniel Dechert
Patrick Dessalle
Scott Dew and Colleen Hanlon
Tamara DiCaprio
Laurie Ann and C. Bert Dudley
George and Barbara Ermentrout
Donna and Steve Estes
Antebi Janice and William Fischel
Harmony Frazier and Michael Breen
Deena Fuller
James Galbraith
Mary Gillmore
Madeleine Hagen
Edie and Brian Hall
Susan Hall
Carol Harell
Ryan and Heather Hawk
Nancy and Paul Hawkes
Sheila and Earl Horowitz
Rochelle Howe and Jonathan Greene
Mike Kaputa and Suzanne Tomassi
Ken Katsumoto
Jenny Kim and Stephen Sun
Jeanne and Jason Kinnard
Amy Kitchener
Yoko Kobayashi
Nicole Labrecque
Jacob Langley
Monica Lieb
Lincoln Children's Zoo
David and Lois Madsen
Lindsay Malone
Christine McKnight
Gary Mozel
Val and Laird Muraoka
Oaklawn Farm
Anne Palaszewski
Christopher Pepin and Ken Miller
Craig Pepin
Mimi Polk Gitlin
Jeremy Potash
Helen Ralph
Helen Ramirez
Roberta Roberts
Rohrbach Family
Kimberly Sanders
Santa Fe College Foundation, Inc.
Carol and Seymour Sarnoff
Doug Schaaf and Judith Nyman-Schaaf
Ellen Sciutto
Patricia and Scott Sebelsky
Judie and Rick Steenberg
Laurie Stewart
Jonathan and Tiffany Sweet
TCS & Starquest Expeditions
Steven Thornton and Nancy Ostrander
Russ White
Kevin and Jo Wilhelm
Mike and Jan Williams
Ann P. Wyckoff
Stacie and Joseph Zane

TKCP Operational Support

Conservation International - Global Conservation Fund
Lifeweb Initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Environment (BMU) and German Development Bank (KfW) - through partnership with Conservation International
Albuquerque BioPark
Glen and Susan Beebe
Columbus Zoological Park Association, Inc.
Greater Kansas City American Association of Zoo Keepers
Rampa Hormel
Rahul Kumar and Vasundhara Jain
Lincoln Children's Zoo
Microsoft Employee Matching Gift Program
PATH Foundation Philippines, Inc. – The Balanced Project (funding through USAID)
The Reeve Family
The Shared Earth Foundation

Zoos & Institutions

Since its roots as a conservation research project, TKCP's work in Papua New Guinea has been guided and supported by the generous contributions of the Association of Zoos & Aquarium's (AZA) institutions involved in the AZA Tree Kangaroo Species Survival Plan (TK-SSP).

The YUS Conservation Area (YUS CA) in Papua New Guinea is a remarkable achievement for an AZA Species Survival Plan-sponsored program, and demonstrates the powerful role zoos play in species and habitat conservation around the globe. TKCP's operations and activities supporting long-term management of the YUS CA depends on the ongoing support of our AZA and European Association of Zoos & Aquariums (EAZA) partners.

2013 Funding Proposal

Please contact Program Coordinator, Christina Galitsky, for our 2013 Funding Proposal:

Check our Annual Reports for a list of current and previous TKCP supporters

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