Nature Exchange is Woodland Park Zoo’s own special kind of “swap shop” where you can bring in the natural things you find and trade them for things in our collection---shells, rocks, fossils, pine cones and lots of other cool stuff! You can even bring in your favorite nature drawing or a nature-themed journal entry.

Learn more about what you’ve collected at Nature Exchange. The points you earn can be used to trade for fun and interesting items!

Nature Exchange



Discover something such as a seashell, cone, rock, or bone that is interesting to you. Draw a picture or write in your journal about your find. Don’t forget to write down the date and place where you found it! Give specifics about color, texture, shape, size, etc. If you want to collect more than a picture or notes, take only one of the objects you find.



Zoo staff will talk with the collector and ask questions like: What is it? Where did it come from? Why is it special? You can use our books and computer at Nature Exchange to learn more. Remember, the more you tell us about your item, the more points you get!



Using books, the internet or a person you know, find out about your item. What is it? Where did it come from? How was it formed? What makes it special?



"Points" can be used the same day or banked in the Nature Exchange computer and used for future trading. "Points" are awarded by the staff member based on the following:


What can you share with us about what you've found? Write or tell us something interesting.


What makes what you found different from other items that look just like it?


What can actually be learned from this item? What condition is it in? Is it broken or in good shape? Is it clean?

Nature Exchange collector form

These forms can be used at home, in nature or at the zoo. Earn points by bringing them to Nature Exchange to share what you've observed.

Nature Exchange Participation Form

Nature Exchange Research Form

Nature Exchange Recycling Resource Guide

There are so many items that can be recycled but need to be collected differently than the large, catch-all recycling bin. Click here to find out what those items are and how you can start recycling to keep these resources out of the landfill



If you cannot find the answers to your questions on this site or need additional information about Zoomazium or Nature Exchange, please call 206.548.2520 or email.


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