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Thanks for your help to name the lion cubs!

With the help of zoo fans, proud papa Xerxes chose Gandia and Mandla as names to complement Tandie, the name chosen by community members in our online poll.  Keepers used this opportunity to introduce the new family to some enticing enrichment. They presented Adia and Xerxes with three items, each associated with a name. As Xerxes crested the hill to sniff out the enrichment, mom Adia was more interested in tending to the cubs, who were zipping all over the yard.

Xerxes strolled right up to “Gandia,” and very deliberately stuck his nose deep into the zebra-painted grocery sack… and the second name was official!  

Every important decision takes time, so Xerxes thoughtfully chewed on his meat treat from the “Gandia” bag for a moment. Then, after a slight pause, Xerxes made “Mandla” official by ripping the next bag to shreds.



WPZ works with the Ruaha Carnivore Project to protect lions and other predators in the wild. Every time you visit the zoo, you make this work possible.

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The cubs are almost ready for their debut. We’ll announce when there are regular viewing times to see the cubs. Until then, enjoy this preview of their first time outdoors…

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