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The results of our Name the Cubs contest are in! More than 2,000 of you entered the contest for a chance to name one male and one female lion cub—and the winning names are:

Rudo (“love” in Zulu)

This male cub likes to rough around with his brother and often finds himself in mud. When not chasing his brother, sisters or mom, he can usually be spotted jumping on logs and wrestling sticks. 


Busela (“happy and independent” in Zulu)

This female cub is playful and curious, and is usually among the first to investigate new experiences. She spends a lot of time with her mom and sister, when not being chased by her brothers.


Two lucky winners—Tate and Ross MacDonald of Seattle and Pamela Garland of Olympia—are taking home the grand prizes for submitting these winning names, as selected by our panel of zoo judges.

Rudo and Busela join their brother and sister, who also received names recently, this time with the help of zookeepers and donors who have helped bring big cats to Woodland Park Zoo. 

The other male is now known as Pelo (“heart” in Sotho) and the other female as Nobuhle (“the beautiful one” in Zulu). The Zulu and Sotho names represent languages that are native to a part of the lions' South Africa range. 

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest! We received such thoughtful submissions and all of us here at the zoo truly appreciate the time you took to find names and meanings that represent what is so special about these four cubs—the joy they bring to our community, and the inspiration they drive in all of us to do something more for wildlife.


With two cubs to name, there are two chances to win! The person who submits the winning male name and the person who submits the winning female name will each take home a grand prize package featuring: 


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