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Latest Issue - Fall 2014

In this issue:

  • Animal Health All Stars
  • Zoobiquity
  • Healthy Village, Healthy Forest.
  • Love for Leonel
  • Solar Powered Hood
  • X-ray Visions
  • Membership Matters
  • Amphibian Monitoring
  • HERP HEAVEN : In Your Own Backyard
  • Zoo Sprouts take on Veterinary Medicine
  • Classes and Camps
  • MyZoo Kids: Veterinary Practice


Animal Observations Contest

Field researchers use ethograms to help document animal behavior. We want to see your own animal behavior research! 

Enter for a chance to win the grand prize: an overnight zoo campout experience for you and your favorite adult on August 1, 2014. Two lucky runners up will receive a zoo animal plush.

See complete rules and guidelines

Follow these steps to enter the contest:

  1. Enter the contest by downloading the ethogram template and printing it out.
  2. Bring the template with you to the zoo, on your next hike, or even in your own backyard.
  3. Pick a comfy spot to sit and then look around. Are there any animals you can watch? Chose a focal animal, one animal that you’d like to watch for several minutes. Remember you can use birds, ants or even your little brother!
  4. Follow the directions on the template to complete the 3-minute ethogram and animal behavior notes. Then draw your animal (or tape your photo) on the back of the same page.
  5. When you are finished, mail your template to the zoo: MyZoo Kids, c/o Pisto, Woodland Park Zoo, 601 N. 59th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 or drop off at any zoo membership office by June 30, 2014 to be entered for a chance to win.

Helpful Contest Tips

For young children: Assist younger children by asking questions like, "What is the animal doing now?” Help them fill out the ethogram chart and then let them get creative with the drawing portion of the contest.

Hey parents! Help your kids by using a stopwatch or timer to track each stage of the chart. Give kids a “ready, set, go…” to prompt their observations.

Materials you will need
  • Printed Animal Observations Contest template
  • A good spot to sit and observe your animal
  • Pencil
  • Drawing pad or small camera
  • Stopwatch/cell phone with timer function
  • Envelope and stamp to mail in your entry


Make your own tiger bank

Can you imagine living in a world without tigers? We can’t either! So we’re asking kids of all ages to help us create an extreme makeover of our tiger and sloth bear exhibits. Save some allowance; hold a fundraiser; do special projects and donate to the cause. Then build a tiger bank!

Pick up a pre-cut bank at a zoo admissions gate or print your own! Children who return tiger banks at any zoo admissions gate with their names and contact information will earn their very own young philanthropist recognition certificate with our roaring thanks.

Download the tiger bank template



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