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Woodland Park Zoo features two open-air theaters where guests can have up-close encounters with animals and learn more about the amazing care they and all the animals receive at the zoo.

Learn more about the ambassador animals that star in the programs or find out what programs are available at the theaters today.

Earn Your Wings

Location: Wildlife Theater

The new Wildlife Theater has a new program as well as expanded visitor seating at the former raptor programs location. Guests will still be able to see their favorite birds of prey in the programs, along with many other ambassador animals. Come see these incredible animals showcase their natural behaviors and abilities, and experience the wonder of raptors swooping overhead.

Friends by Nature

Location: Alvord Broadleaf Theater

Completed in 2016, the Alvord Broadleaf Theater allows visitors an up-close experience with a diversity of animals. After the program, you might get the chance to get your photo taken with a gentle porcupine or offer a treat to an exotic hornbill bird. The theater is located next to Zoomazium.