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Geographic Location

Santa Fe and Córdoba Provinces, Argentina

Focal Species

Andean, Chilean and Puna flamingos

IUCN Red List Status of Focal Species

Andean Flamingo (vulnerable); Chilean flamingo (near threatened); Puna flamingo (near threatened)

About the Project


Three species of flamingo can be found in southern South America: the Chilean flamingo, Andean flamingo and Puna flamingo. The rarer Andean and Puna flamingos primarily use the wetlands of the altiplano in the high Andes of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Peru, but they also use lowland wetlands that are critical for their survival, especially during winter months. These lowland wetlands can at times support up to 60% of the Andean flamingo global population. Conservation of these key lowland sites is of high priority. The Grupo Conservación Flamencos Altoandinos (GCFA), a regional conservation initiative, conducts research, management, conservation, capacity development, and outreach activities at key sites throughout the flamingo distribution range. 

In the last seven years the project conducted winter monitoring surveys of more than 30 lowland wetlands in Argentina (with support from the WPZ). Wide annual variations in wetland conditions have been recorded, as well as in numbers of flamingos using these wetlands. Continued monitoring is necessary to track conservation status of the wetlands, and to determine factors driving flamingo use of these wetlands. Ongoing presence at these sites has facilitated outreach activities with local stakeholders (communities, land owners, and politicians). The project will participate in the 5th International Simultaneous Census of flamingos in South America. This comprehensive census is carried out every five years and covers the entire range of the Andean and Puna flamingos. As in previous years, a flamingo census of lowland wetlands will also occur.



Flamingos at Woodland Park Zoo
You’ll see pink in the zoo’s Temperate Zone where a flock of Chilean flamingos can be found at Woodland Park Zoo. The multigenerational flock shares its wetlands with a Coscoroba swan, also native to their South American home.


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