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Take a walk among a variety of Pacific Northwest gardens and experience native North American butterflies in the zoo’s new immersive Molbak’s Butterfly Garden exhibit.  Woodland Park Zoo’s new exhibit emphasizes both the fragility and resilience of nature through the display of what many consider to be among the most beautiful of natural expressions: butterflies and flowers.

Visitors will learn about the biology, behavior and threats facing these winged beauties, and be inspired to take local and global conservation action for butterflies and other pollinators. An arching tent structure encloses a landscape of approximately 3,000 square feet, and nearly 500 free-flying butterflies will represent at least 15 species native to North America. The Butterfly Garden is free with zoo admission.

Tips for a Butterfly-Friendly Garden

1. Learn about which butterflies live in your region to discover how to attract native butterflies to your garden.

2. Provide plants that help butterflies survive. Butterflies need different plants at different stages of life. Make sure you have food plants for caterpillars in your region as well as flowers that provide nectar for adult butterflies. Adults typically sip nectar from many different flowers and these are usually different from the caterpillar’s food plants.

3. Avoid using pesticides. Pesticides are harmful for butterflies, birds, pets and kids. Healthy plants can withstand some damage caused by caterpillars that chew.

4. Include some native plants to help ensure that the garden provides for a diversity of butterfly species.

Saving Northwest Butterflies

These rare beauties of the Northwest are getting a head start at the zoo on their path to recovering threatened wild populations.

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All Ages Coloring Contest

The contest is closed.  Thank you everyone for over 550 amazing entries!

Artists of all ages, join us in welcoming a flutter of colorful wings to Woodland Park Zoo’s Molbak’s Butterfly Garden this summer. Get out your colored pencils, markers, watercolors or crayons (anything goes) and show us your most creative design. Just like butterflies, coloring can be a reflection of inner beauty, tranquility and expression. We can’t wait to see your artwork!

Color the Butterfly Wings coloring page using any medium(s) and any colors you choose.

Download the coloring page now!

Butterfly ID Guide

See who’s flying in the exhibit and pick up more tips to create your own butterfly garden.

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