What is the 96 Elephants campaign?

96 Elephants is a broad coalition of more than 150 zoos, aquariums and partners coming together to coordinate and leverage their collective influence, constituencies and resources to help save African elephants from extinction. Our common goals are to secure legislation that will create a moratorium on ivory sales within each state (including Washington), raise funds to bolster elephant protection and educate the public about the link between ivory consumption and elephant killing.

In 2012 alone, poachers killed approximately 35,000 African elephants. At this rate, we lose 96 elephants in Africa every day—the chilling statistic behind the campaign’s name.

Woodland Park Zoo is proud to join Wildlife Conservation Society and our many 96 Elephants partners to stop the killing, stop the demand and stop the trade. Join the herd: take the simple step to sign the pledge never to buy, sell or trade ivory.

What is the status of elephants in the wild?

What is Woodland Park Zoo doing to help save wild elephants?

Isn’t ivory trade already illegal?

Isn’t the recent federal ban on exporting and importing ivory good enough?

What can Washington State do?

Is there a major demand for ivory in the United States and how does it get here?

What drives elephant poaching and harvesting ivory?

What makes a piece of ivory “antique?”

What are other countries and governments doing to stop the ivory trade?

What is being done on-the-ground to combat poaching?

What can I do?


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