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Lion cubs now on view

Lion Triplets 600p

Our triplet lion cubs, born in October 2014, now have a regular, daily schedule. Look for the cubs on view with dad Xerxes and mom Adia, 9:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. daily, weather permitting. The family can be seen in the zoo's award-winning African Savanna zone. 

How to tell the lion cubs apart:

Have you noticed the shaved patches of fur on the lion cubs? These patches help us tell the three brothers apart at a quick glance. 

Here's a quick cheat sheet:

  • The name Tandie (meaning “fire,” as selected by your votes in our naming contest) was given to the cub whose right shoulder is shaved. This cub is the spitfire of the three, making him a perfect Tandie!
  • The name Gandia (meaning “clever”) was given to the cub who has shown the most independence and curiosity. He is easy to spot by the shaved mark on his hip.
  • Finally, the biggest cub was dubbed Mandla (meaning “power”), and can be spotted by his left shoulder shaved mark.

So, now that you have the cheat sheet, can you tell which cub is which in this photo?

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Welcome to the brood, young argus

On November 7, our pair of great argus welcomed a healthy chick. The baby bird tipped the scales at 48 grams, just a little heavier than a golf ball, and has steadily gained weight since.



Celebrating Triplet Lion Boys

Born October 24, 2014, three little lion cubs are keeping mom Adia busy behind the scenes, nursing and exploring in their quiet maternity den. The boys will go on view in the coming months, once they have grown in size and developed their motor skills, weather permitting. 

Cubs at one day old:

Lion cubs

Cub at two weeks old:

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Rare Edwards's Pheasant Hatches

An Edwards’s pheasant has hatched at Woodland Park Zoo, marking the first hatching of this species for the zoo. This pheasant is believed to be extinct in the wild.

The Edwards’s pheasant is rare in zoos with only 15 individuals living in seven zoos accredited by the Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA). Woodland Park Zoo has had the species in its collection since 2012.

“This is a very significant hatching for the species, particularly since its existence in the wild is questionable and there are so few living in zoos,” said Shawn Pedersen, a collection manager at Woodland Park Zoo. “As an extra precaution, our zookeepers are hand-rearing the chick to help ensure acceptable weight gains and closely monitor important milestones.”

Marty welcomes the weekend with a twig and wiggle!

Born April 4 to porcupine parents Molly and Oliver, 8-week-old Marty is quickly developing a healthy appetite and treats herself to leaves, twigs and bark throughout her exhibit.

The youngster has access all day and night to the North American porcupine exhibit in the zoo’s award-winning Northern Trail, and visitors are encouraged to pay her a visit.

Rare Indochinese Box Turtle Hatches

Our zookeepers put long hours into incubating eggs, maintaining a warm, safe environment for those about to hatch. When they are lucky, they get to see the big payoff happen before their eyes!

Zookeepers are especially excited about this tiny addition, as it marks the first hatching of this critically endangered species at our zoo. And that’s even more important when you realize there are only 19 Indochinese box turtles in North American zoos in total! The hatching marks a triumph for a species struggling to survive in a world where almost 50% of known turtle species are listed as “Threatened.”


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Pouch checks reveal incredible first stages of a joey’s life

A 7-month-old wallaby who is just emerging from its mother’s pouch....and a nearly 4-month-old wallaroo who is giving us a whole new perspective on what goes on inside the pouch.

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Porcupine baby will make you squee

The littlest new addition to Woodland Park Zoo is a female North American porcupine, born April 4 in our Northern Trail exhibit. Porcupine babies, known as porcupettes (seriously), are born with a soft coat of quills that begin to harden within hours of birth. This immediately protects them from predators...and thick gloves immediately protect us from them! Our porcupette was born to Molly and Oliver, both 3-year-old residents of Northern Trail. This is their second offspring. The baby has access all day and night to the porcupine exhibit, but for now prefers to spend most of her time exploring in a den behind the scenes.

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Littlest otters get practice time outside

Guntur, the infamously over-protective otter dad, has finally let the newest pups take their first steps outside! The four pups—three girls and one boy born in January — have only had a few tiny adventures outdoors so far. Though they step out for only a few minutes at a time, the good news is that dad seems to be getting more comfortable each time. Keep in mind if you’re planning a visit that the otters’ time outside is still quite irregular. Though we provide outdoor access, it’s ultimately their choice whether to go out and how long to spend out there. We ask for your patience for a few more weeks as the family gets settled!

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Jaguar cubs tear into 1st birthday treats

Happy 1st birthday, Kuwan, Arizona and Inka! The jaguar cubs received curry-scented piñatas for the occasion. Following the trail of the enticing scent, the cubs quickly spotted and went after the decorations. Almost immediately “Happy Birthday” became “Happ Birthday” when Kuwan took down the turtle piñata on the end. 

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Otter Pups Receive Their First Checkup



The four new otter pups at Woodland Park Zoo received a clean bill of health today during their first, hands-on wellness exam. Since their birth, the entire otter family has been involved in making the pups’ feel at home and even teaching them how to swim! Recently the four new pups’ had the opportunity to explore their exhibit for the first time, but their protective father kept them indoors! Stay tuned for more information once an official debut has been planned.

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Four more otter pups join the family


Welcome the newest zoo babies: four Asian small-clawed otter pups born January 20, 2014! The pups—three females and one male—are behind the scenes with mom and dad for now. Their four older brothers also help out with raising them, which means viewing is a bit irregular on exhibit right now with the family sticking close together behind the scenes.

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The births of these animals help to raise awareness of the issues facing their wild counterparts trying to survive in diminishing habitats.

Learn more about the conservation issues facing jaguars, lions, penguins, sloth bears and tree kangaroos, and what Woodland Park Zoo is doing—with your support—to make a difference.

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