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Chirp, Tweet, Snort, Snog, Baaa, Hiss, Bray, Squawk, Bark and all other sorts of voices will join you when you invite a Woodland Park Zoo ambassador animal to your virtual meeting, gathering or happy hour.

Barn Owl

Barn owls live on every continent except Antarctica! Luna hatched in 2000 and joined our team of raptors when she was 1 month old. The heart-shaped feathers that frame her face help channel the smallest sounds to her sensitive ears.

Pharaoh Eagle Owl

Buddy was raised by a company that trains birds of prey to scare off smaller birds that eat crops. He came to Woodland Park Zoo in 2013. Buddy looks a bit like local great-horned owls, but his species comes from Northern Africa.

Burrowing Owl

Papú is a curious and feisty young owl. He hatched here at Woodland Park Zoo in 2018. He enjoys training with his keepers, perching on people's heads and eating crickets.

Spectacled Owl

This spectacled owl was born to be on your screen. Coba has been the been the star of Woodland Park Zoo’s flight program for decades and with his experience he’s very qualified for your next ZOOm meeting.

Harris's Hawk

Cisco gets along with his keepers very well. Sometimes he flies off course, but he always returns to the Wildlife Theater, calling to his keepers to let them know he’s back.

Aplomado Falcon

Lola used to work on a blueberry farm, chasing away birds that ate the crops. But Lola preferred hanging out with the farmers instead of doing her job! Now she enjoys interacting with the guests at Woodland Park Zoo.

Ferruginous Hawk

Cree loves to fly loops around the Wildlife Theater. Keepers often work with her to practice being patient and waiting—she’s full of energy and ready to go!

Milky Eagle Owl

Jibini hatched in January 2020 and has been growing fast—he already has a 5-foot wingspan. This easy-going bird loves to participate in training sessions and is a quick learner. He also loves taking baths in the Seattle rain!

Chilean Flamingo

Our flamingos are very social animals and they enjoy the company of their keepers as well as their flock-mates. Paco & Pluma regularly follow their keepers around the zoo to get some exercise and keep their legs strong!

Tawny Frogmouth

Adelaide is a super sweet lady that hatched in 2018 at Woodland Park Zoo. Her best friend in the world is a feather duster.

Laughing Kookaburra

This independent spirit loves his keepers and sings beautiful ballads while taking a bath. Flick hatched in 2004 and joined Woodland Park Zoo’s Ambassador Animals in 2015.

Von der Decken’s Hornbill

Cheza is a smart rascal that has been part of our Ambassador Animal team since she was just a few months old. She is the female version of Zazu from the Lion King and enjoys enrichment of any type.

Common Raven

Edison came to us from a rehabilitation center. He is very intelligent! He recognizes shapes and colors and retrieves objects in exchange for treats. Ravens are good mimics—ours loves to repeat the phrase “Good boy, Edison!”

Turkey Vulture

Modoc is the oldest raptor at Woodland Park Zoo! He enjoys working with our animal keepers, though new keepers do need to put in some time to earn his trust. Modoc enjoys stretching out both wings and basking in the sunshine.

Vulturine Guinea Fowl

Granny is very old for a guineafowl and is partially deaf. However, that doesn’t stop her from being sweet with the staff members she likes—and chasing the ones she doesn’t like as much!

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