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Zoo Adventures Staff Bios



I love being at the zoo at night. It’s a magical place and I would love the chance to share the nighttime zoo with you. I started at the zoo as a docent many years ago where I conquered my fear of snakes and spiders and learned so much about the natural world. I am a 4th generation Seattleite and I love learning new things I have a fat old cat who is in charge of my life and in my spare time I like to listen to books on tape while I knit.



Zoo Adventures- Courtney


Hi everyone! This is my 4th season at Woodland Park Zoo as a Zoo Adventures instructor! I also received my master's in zoology through Miami University's Global Field Program here at Woodland Park Zoo -it's a blast! My absolute favorite animal in the whole world is the koala- did you know they have fingerprints just like ours? I can't wait to go on some Zoo Adventures with all of you!



Daniel T


Hello friends! For as long as I can remember I've loved animals, and I've always wanted to share that love with everyone around me. That's why I studied zoology at WSU, taught zoo camps in San Diego, and went to China to teach last year. I do my best to discover something new about the world around me every day, and there's always something new to learn with Zoo Adventures!




Kelli Zoo Adventures


Hello there! I recently graduated from UW having studied environmental studies and education. I started at the zoo last summer as a camp instructor and had so much fun getting to know my campers and helping them learn about the zoo! One thing I love learning about is birds – what they look like, what they sound like, and what they eat! When I’m not at the zoo, I like to go on nature walks, play my ukulele, and take dance classes. I’m excited to explore the zoo with you!

Laura Zoo Adventures


Hi, I’m Laura! I love animals and can’t wait to share some of my favorites with you. I have a degree in biology, and in college I learned a lot about amphibians and ecology.  I’ve cared for animals all over the country, and the diversity and natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest make me incredibly happy to be here in Washington. I am so excited to meet you and learn about animals together! 



Zoo Adventures- Paula


Shortly after moving to Seattle in 1999, I visited Woodland Park Zoo for the first time and a few months later, I was thrilled to join the staff as part of the Zoo Adventures team! It seemed to be the perfect way to put my zoology degree and experiences from camp and animal encounters as a child to good use. After all of these years, I still feel special walking around the Zoo at night and in the early morning and I love sharing that experience with others!



Zoo Adventure Staff


Hello fellow zoo lovers! Woodland Park Zoo is one of my favorite places to be, that's probably why I've been working here for over 15 years. I have a degree in zoology and psychology from the University of Washington to help me "talk" to the animals and being nocturnal by nature definitely helps with those long overnights.



staff bio stephanie Aragon


Hey adventurers! I'm a recent graduate from the UW where I explored the relationship humans have with our environment. After classes I would often find myself strolling through zoo grounds, admiring the opportunity for people in the city to appreciate and learn about wildlife and conservation. My favorite thing about overnights at the zoo is that they truly are adventures. Every time I embark on an overnight, I leave the next day with a unique story to share. Join us and see what your zoo story will be!



Zoo Adventure Staff

Renee - Zoo Adventures Coordinator

Hi! My name is Renee and I can’t wait to show you around the zoo! I love visiting all the animals and discovering something new every day. On the weekends I spend as much time outside as I can rock climbing, hiking and canoeing with my family and friends. I’m excited to bring my experience from teaching preschool and being an interpretive ranger with National Park Service and U.S. Forest Service to the zoo. See you at the zoo!




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