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Since 1978, The Thailand Hornbill Project has been actively conducting research on the biological and ecological aspects of hornbills and has expanded its research into the forests of western and southern Thailand.

In the southern provinces including Pattani, Narathiwat and Yala, the project has received overwhelming cooperation from local villagers, who previously earned extra money to add to their 1,500-3,000 Baht monthly income, by selling hornbill chicks stolen from these nest and other wild products. By having villagers help in looking after hornbills and collecting research data, the project aims to create awareness of hornbill nests in its care.

Share in the care!

Your donations go directly to this project and the villagers who now are protectors of hornbills.

You and your family can adopt a nest for $150 per year. This donation helps:

  • Subsidize local villagers in their efforts to conserve hornbills
  • Funds studies of the biological and ecological aspects of hornbills
  • Allows villagers to collect data on hornbills for research and  monitor and secure long-term hornbill populations in the area.

Adopt a Hornbill Nest

For just $150 a year, you can adopt a hornbill nest in Thailand, helping preserve these beautiful birds and help the villagers who protect their nests.

For more information on how you can donate, contact

Meet the villagers who protect the nests

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