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Saving Asian wildlife

Discover how Woodland Park Zoo collaborates with conservation partners across Asia to save wildlife and wild places. 

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Phase one of the Bamboo Forest Reserve exhibit complex is now open! Visit squealing Asian small-clawed otters, a tropical aviary and kid’s nature play area, all bringing to life the sounds, smells and sights of the Asian tropical forest. People who experience such wonders of nature are inspired to save it. That’s the power of Woodland Park Zoo’s Bamboo Forest Reserve.


Exhibit features

Phase one of the exhibit complex opens May 2013 featuring:

Asian small-clawed otter

A splashing, almost musical stream leads you to a dynamic pair of the smallest otter species in the world, running, hunting for fish, grooming and tumbling over each other, cavorting in a marsh or on the beach. This charismatic species is new to Woodland Park Zoo. 

The otter exhibit is the first animal area visitors will encounter when entering the exhibit complex—a fitting introduction to the wildlife of tropical Asia as the otter is considered a conservation indicator species, its survival so dependent on the health of the forest and interconnected waterways.


Tropical bird aviary

Enjoy exquisite avian diversity from high in the trees to low in the bush. Seemingly everywhere, the forest birds will captivate with their electric color and musical calls. The aviary—one of the first stops visitors will encounter upon entering the new exhibit complex—will be home to the shama thrush, collared finchbill, red-billed leiothrix, Nicobar pigeon and great argus.


Nature play space for kids

Specially designed with early learners’ needs in mind, this active area will spark a sense of wonder in young visitors and develop their mental and motor skills through full-bodied play. Young explorers will learn about the forest through joyful nature play—balancing on logs, crossing a wobble bridge, flying along a mini-zipline—all safely designed to stimulate development while setting the scene of a conservation field site where boundaries between humans and wildlife collide.


Up next: Phase two to bring new homes for tigers and sloth bears!

Phase one of the Bamboo Forest Reserve is the opening chapter of a dynamic, new exhibit complex at the heart of Woodland Park Zoo. With your continued support, we will be able to complete fundraising for the second and final phase of the exhibit complex, which will bring new homes for Malayan tigers and sloth bears to the zoo. Join us now!

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