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$100+ Donor Recognition

Thank you to our donors who gave $100 or more in support of the Asian Tropical Forest initiative. We're also very grateful to the leadership donors who have so generously supported the initiative and the zoo's future.

Strong community support ensures that, for generations to come, families and schools will have outstanding ways to explore the wonders of nature and save wildlife.

Deanne Aavang

John and Andrea Adams

Agiliant Incorporated

Kerry Allen

Michelle and Michael Allen

Geoffrey Anderson and Laura Gilbert

Melinda and Walter Andrews

Anonymous (15)

Gary and Cheryl Arford

Victoria Armstrong and Mark Dunne

Elizabeth and Gabriel Aul

Davis, Moira, Shannon and Walker

Richard and Patricia Austin

Paul and Sarah Balle

Christopher Ballew

Raymond Bannon

Patty and Jimmy Barrier

Jona Bartell

Mary Ann and Robert Bartell

Michael Bauer

Sally Beahan

Glen and Susan Beebe

Howard and Lynn Behar

Joanna and David Beitel

Bellevue Firefighters

Bellevue Firefighters Community Support Foundation

Heidi, Russell, Brenton and Isabelle Bennett

Julie and Lisa Bennett

Gina Beretta and Bryan Senn

Eric and Luann Berman

Yahn Bernier and Beth McCaw

Bezos Family

Paul Birkeland

Sarah Bishop-Gretz and Geoff Shaw

Josie Bissett

Barbara Blair

John Blake

Teresa Bliss

Heidi Boeh and Scott McDonald

Jason Boettcher

Barbara BonJour

Holly Bork

Renee and Jonathan Boulet

Paula and Steve Boyce

Kristi Branch and James Moore

Maurice and Kathleen Bresnahan

The Brik

Jennie and Tyler Brixey

Edwin and Jean Brockenbrough

David Brodsky and Juliet Firmansjah

Greg Bucci and Sarah Mosley

Al and Jullie Buckingham

Jenifer Bunis and David Clarke

Denise Burpee and Richard Algire

Dawn Bymaster

Christina Byrne

Lori Campana

Lisa and Mark Caputo

Philip Carlo

Linda Carlock

Alexia Carroll

Jennifer and Phil Carter

Steven and Elizabeth Cedergreen

Susan and Robert Chamberlain

Elizabeth and Andy Chang

Andrea and Nicholas Chaplin

Tessa and Tyson Chaplin

Mylo and Marion Charlston

Lorna and Andrew Chin

Wojtek Chmielewski

Mark Christiansen

Susan and Kirk Christianson

Kristina Christmas

Keith Clark and Reah DePriest

Kelly and James Clark

Brick Clawson

Norma Cole and Thomas McCarthy

Estate of Ruth E. Collins

Christopher Cook

Ida and Mark Cotter

R. Michael Crill and Catherine Nobis

Carolyn Crockett and Bob Brooks

Aaron Croft and Jeanine Beyers

James and Barbara Crutcher

Michelle Culp

Alison Danz

Tom Darden and Ellen Wallach

Lynne and John Deal

Jodi Denney

Kristina Dermody and Israel Rodrigo

Baron and Rhonda Derr

Diane Desselle and Mariah Armenia

Katherine and Jeremy DeWitt

Annette Dixon

Karen and Jack Donohue

Robert and Paula Driessnack

Janet and Joel Dugan

Kenneth and Pamela Eakes

Julie Edsforth and Jabe Blumenthal

Patricia Edwards

Bob and Becky Eilert

Anita Elder

DeLaine and Mark Emmert

Jennifer, Stephanie and Lucas Engles-Klann

Tammy and Ren Erickson

Steffenie and Fletcher Evans

Emilie Ewart

Bill Bryant and Barbara Feasey

Andrew and Sara Fenzl

Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation

Kathy and Greg Ferguson

Sheri and Shawn Ferguson

Tonya and Frank Ferrari

Chuck and Nicole Ferring

Jan and Mike Ferring

Charles and Rose Ann Finkel

Terry and Linda Finn

Bob and Lucie Fjeldstad

Donald Fleming and Elizabeth Hanna

Eliza Flug-Coburn and Christopher Coburn

Ashley and Justin Folkestad

Bruce Forstall

Jane Foster

The Foster Kearin Families

Sarah and Jason Fournier

Eric and Jessica Foy

Fremont Brewing Company

Ed and Kathleen Fries

Stephen Froud

Anne and Michael Furlong

Sandra Gallagher

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Ronald Gehrke

Matthew and Glenda Gertz

Scott and Vickie Gibbs

Cooper, Leif and Maximus Giles

Deborah Girdler and David Cutler

Sandy Glasgo

David and Lisa Goldberg

Lisa and Mike Gorman

Marilyn Gray

Christina and William Green

Joshua Green Foundation

Alexandre Grigorovitch

Jack Gunther

Madeleine Hagen

Steve Hall and Leslie Ritter

Jason and Joey Hamlin

Kathy Hammill

Rosaline Hampton

Leslie and Nicolas Hanauer

William Hansen

Barbara and Jeff Harder

Erin Harley and Irving Scher

Maureen and John Harley

Lucy Hart

John and Janet Harville

Steve Hastings

Jacinta Heald and Kyle Lebus

Constance Hellyer and Frank Little

Jan Hendrickson

Kristoffer and Christine Henriksson

Susan Henson

Alexis and David Hiniker-Roosa

Peter and Theresa Hogenson

Paul Hogle and Karen Malen-Hogle

Liza Holbrook

Melinda and Scott Hopper

Robert and Debora Horvath

Anelise and Mark Hotopp

Jeanne and Fred Howard

Linda and Troy Howe

Duane and Patricia Huckell

Guy and Carmen Hudson

Jo Anne Iaciofano and Gary Caldwell

Andrew and Julie Jackson

Barbara Jaech

Sharon Jakkola-Rust and Stan Rust

Kristie Jamison and Bobby Leon

Deborah Jensen and Steven Malloch

Janet Jensen

Daniel Jiyamapa and Michelle Jack

Ethan and Cori John

George and Kristina Johnson

Maryanne and Gregory Johnston

Floyd and Delores Jones Family Foundation

Michael Jones

Jamie and Jeremy Joseph

Joe Joy and Susan Southwick

Arden and Craig Kagetsu

Paul and Joann Kahl

David Khan

Kasey Kahne Foundation

Barbara and Christopher Kaler

Daniel Kamm

Paula and John Karlberg

Glenn Kawasaki

Dana and Tim Keeler

Marcie and F. Marsh Kellegrew

Robin and Gaylord Kellogg

Devin and Molly Kemper

Amy and Roger Key

Douglas and Cheryle Kight

Philip and Marcia Killien

Deborah Killinger

Kameron and Julie Kirkevold

Kirkland Life Chiropractic

Kenneth and SaSa Kirkpatrick

Pam Klapstein and Trina Amundson

Cindy and Terry Klett

The Klorfine Foundation

Sandra-Lynn and Eric Klus

Diana Koala

Michael Kollins and Allison Augustyn

Karen Koon and H. Brad Edwards

Dr. Fred Koontz and Wendy Westrom

Larissa Korde and Maya Cole

Christina Robin Kowal

Dave, Jacqui and Xander Kramer

Patricia and Brian Kramer

Lyle and Suzanne Krapf

Alden and Meghan Kroll

Deborah and Michael Kuehner

Rahul Kumar and Vasundhara Jain

Gary Kunis

Scott and Sandra Kurtzeborn

Irene and Jim Labyak

Jaime and Marc Lanegraff

Lucinda and Joseph Langjahr

Jacob Langley

Christopher and Alida Latham

Mary and Tim Lawrence

Timothy and Kathleen Leach

Dale Learn

Mark Lee and N. Jan Chalupny

David Leigh

Carol Leppa and Connie Miller

Bill Lewis

Cammi and Jeff Libby

Rob and Marti Liddell

Charles and Barbara Lipp

Stephen Lodwick

Darinee Louvau

Phyllis Lufkin

Jaymee and David Lundin

Steve and Christina Macbeth

Sarah and Kevin Mack

Colleen and Carla MacLafferty

Kristie Macris and Ricardo Ariza

David and Susan Maehren

Betty Mai and Josh Rose

Kelly Mann and John Kenley

Rick Marshall

Áine Martin

Cathryn McCadden and Brian Wolcott

Heather McCall and Arthur Wyatt

Heather McCarthy and Bryan Nolen

Mary Kay McCaw

Logan C. McClendon

Carole McCluskey

Jason and Stesha McCue

Heather McCulloch and Franklin West

James W. and Brooke McCurdy

D.V. & Ida J. McEachern Charitable Trust

James and Janice McGraw


McKinstry Co. Charitable Foundation

Leigh McMillan

Shannon McPhee

Carol and Lyle McRae

Cinda McSherry

Kristin Meldahl

Tim Melton

Jeff and Lisa Mendenhall

Sara Meyer

Gina Meyers

Linda Michalik

Microsoft Corporation

Terry and Yukari Mihashi

David and Penny Miller

Pendleton & Elisabeth Miller Charitable Foundation

Patrice Miner

Douglas Wertz

Celeste Misko and Jodie Capell

Donald and Pamela Mitchell

Claudia Moberg-Butler and William Butler

Montgomery Morgan and Marianne Pinyuh

Christy Morris and Katherine Eastwood

Maureen Morris

Tania Morris

Christina Mortimer

Sandra J. Moss

Brannon Mucke and Kathryn Hirning

John Mueller

Greta Musland and Daryl Whitley

Robert and Cathy Muth

Theresa Naujack and Leland Hartwell

Jane Nelson

Valerie Nelson

Elisabeth Nelson Power

Serina Ness

Bart Nickerson

Trevor and Andrea Nipges

Kelly Noonan

The Norcliffe Foundation

Michael Noth and Laura Land

Judy Nyman-Schaaf

Brad and Kathy Nysether

Mark and Vickie Nysether

Shirley and Eldon Nysether

The Nysether Family Foundation

Michael and Dianne O'Hagen

Matt Olsen and Lisa Porter

Gordon Orians

Bob and Lynn Ormsby

Inger and Allan Osberg

Lisa Parkinson

Valerie and Jerry Parrish

Greg Parrott

Jocile and Chris Parsons

Florence Patten

Nancy and Fred Paup

Angela and Owen Pearson

Marla Peele

Nancy and Mark Pellegrino

May Pelto

Bruce Perry

Laura Peterson

Eileen and Amber Pettijohn

Bill and Katherine Pettit

Janet and Scott Philp

George R. Pierce & Associates, LLC

Valerie Polevoi

Donald and Ethel Pratt

Carol Proesel

V. Elaine Puderbaugh

Mary Pugh and Michael Scoggins

Greg and Megan Pursell

Chris Pysden

Christopher and Ellen Quarles

Kristin Quirk

Aislinn "Dream" Radek

Cam and Tori Ragen

Melissa Rainwater and Mark Ponti

Carol Raitt

Linda Rasmussen and Emily Lutz

Alex and Carrie Ratner

Wild Reiki and Shamanic Healing LLC

Pamela Reynolds

Eric Richter

In memory of Mark Roberts

Scott G. Robinson

Matt Rosauer

Leah and Marty Ross

Greg and Char Rosted

Evelyne Rozner and Matthew Griffin

Adam and Briana Rubens

Tracy and Paul Rudnick

Maceo Krejci

Andrew and Emily Ryan

Estate of Dorlesca H. Ryan

Danielle and Hani Saliba

Alex Salvador

Christine and Michael Sannella

Rajiv and Priya Sarathy

Patti Savoy

Peter Schaefer

Jennifer Schneider

James and Lisa Schnitzius

Kevin M. Schofield

Detlef Schrempf

Greg and Lisa Schwartz

Audrey and Robert Seale

The Seattle Foundation

James and Marsha Seeley

Lynn and Jacob Setterberg

Rob Short and Emer Dooley

Diane and Robert Shrewsbury

Mauri and Mark Shuler

Gena Shurtleff

Ron and Nancy Siegle

George and Darcel Siepak

LeeAnn and John Sievers

Bernie and Sue Silbernagel

Simonyi Family

Anne Singleton

Laura Smith and Damon Buxton

Steve Smith and Tamara Walker

Cynthia Smyth and Renelle Risley

Snoqualmie Tribe

Lexie and Tove Lise Sorensen

Steven and Rafael Sosa-Krall

Sound Community Bank

Maris and Tim Sovold

Estate of Joy Spurr

Andrea and Garth Stein

Iola Stetson

Karen and Phillip Stevenson

Cameron Stewart

Laurie Stewart

Nicole and Ian Stewart

Courtney and Brent Stiefel

The Stonecipher Family

Matthew Stratiner

Susan and Keith Streckenbach

Ronald and Wendy Strom

Studio Hanson/Roberts

Aude and David Sun

Alex Sutton and Karen Easterbrook

Kim and Del Swingle

Cheryl Taylor

Jay and Martha Tejera

Jennifer Thao

Beryl A. Thompson

Craig Thompson and Ariel Rathbun

Douglas Thornburg

Lisa Tiedt

Judith Tobin and Michael Baker

Mark and Jennifer Tomas

Myrna and Donald Torrie

Toyota of Seattle

Kevin and Kara Trella

Judith Tucker

In Memory of Brady Tyler


Bryan and Kara Uegawachi

Julie and Douglas Uyeda

Darryl Voss

James Walker

Jill and Scott Walker

Andrew Wattula and Camila Santistevan Wattula

Thomas and Joanne Weathers

Julie Webster

Wedgwood Elementary

Thomas Weeks and Deborah Oyer

William Weinberger

Howard* and Victoria Wellman

Blake Westerdahl and Susan Pierce

Margie Wetherald and Len Barson

Diana and Stephen White

Betty White Ludden

Carrie Wigton

Stuart and Lucy Williams

Williams & Williams PSC

Robert Williamson

Ben and Julie Wolff

Vincent Woo and Justine D'Souza

Marilyn Wood

Bettina Woodford and Torben Sorensen Goodhope

Woodinville Firefighters Benevolent Fund

Tim Wooldridge

Richard and Barbara Wortley

David and Sally Wright

Ann P. Wyckoff

TEW Foundation

Caroline and Patrick Wylie

Craig and Ina Zajac

Thomas Zimmermann

Jill and Trevan Zosel

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