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Build your own tiger bank

Can you imagine living in a world without tigers? We can’t either! So we’re asking kids of all ages to help us create an “extreme makeover” of our tiger and sloth bear exhibits. Save some allowance; hold a fundraiser; do special projects and donate to the cause. Then build a tiger bank!

Pick up a pre-cut bank at a zoo admissions gate or visit to make your own! Children who return tiger banks at any zoo admissions gate with their names and contact information will earn their very own Young Philanthropist Recognition Certificate with our roaring thanks.

Download and build your own tiger bank

Thanks to our campaign donors

Thousands of supporters have shown their stripes and joined the More Wonder More Wild campaign. Every gift counts and together we are making a difference for wildlife!

$100+ Donor List

See the paw tiles on Phase One of the tiger trail

See the paw tiles on Phase Two of the tiger trail

The Need

A world without tigers? Not if we can help it!
On an average day, there are more visitors at Woodland Park Zoo than there are tigers left in the wild. We know how to save the last remaining wild tigers, we just need people willing to help.
Don't take pity. Take action.
Woodland Park Zoo plays a critical role by inspiring people to take conservation action. We’re also partnering with Panthera to save wild tigers in Malaysia, bringing together the world’s leading wild cat experts and proven conservation strategies to save and protect wild tigers


The Exhibit

The new tropical forest experience will house exhibits for several Asian species including Malayan tigers, sloth bears, small-clawed otters and other iconic tropical forest animals. It will immerse guests in the wonders of a natural forest teeming with life and will feature up-close animal encounters, a hands-on conservation action center, children’s play area and one-on-one encounters with zookeepers.

Much more than an exhibit, this living classroom will give each visitor the inspiration and tools needed to take conservation action now to help preserve wild tigers and other endangered animals.

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