Humboldt Penguin Adoption Special | $69

Special available through January 31, 2015

Penguin at Woodland Park Zoo


Celebrate the winter season by adopting a Humboldt penguin! Not only do you get a plush animal and a ZooParent certificate, but your support will fund the daily care and feeding of all the zoo inhabitants. Plus, $5 from every ZooParent adoption directly supports the zoo’s conservation efforts in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. 

Visit our colony of Humboldt penguins, then adopt one today!


Cheetah ZooParent adoption plush

Your adoption package includes:

  • Humboldt penguin plush

  • ZooParent adoption certificate

  • Animal fact sheet

  • Color photo of animal

  • ZooParent static cling

  • Online recognition for one year

Actual plush may vary


Or, upgrade your adoption to the $100 level and receive two one-time-use admission passes and your name on the ZooParent recognition sign in March 2016!




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