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Zoo U - Parent and Camper Information

Information for Parents and Children Attending Zoo University (Zoo U) Programs
(Ages 10-14 years)

Frequently Asked Questions about Zoo U

Can my 9 year old participate in Zoo U?

We are very firm on Zoo U's age range.  Students must at least be turning the minimum age during the week they are enrolled.  Zoo U is a small group of students that spend a full week together; significant age discrepancies have a tendency to disrupt group dynamics.

Do most Zoo U students attend with friends?

Occasionally a pair of friends will choose to attend together and requests can be noted on the registration form.  However, for the most part students are meeting one another for the first time on Monday and often new exciting friendships are made over the course of the week.

Will Zoo U students be doing the same things they did last year?

The curricula this summer will be different from the last several years of Zoo U.  None of the Zoo U curricula repeats for at least 4 years. 

Will Zoo U students go behind the scenes and/or work with animals?

Zoo U programs very rarely go behind the scenes.  However, students will have unique opportunities to meet and talk with a variety of zoo experts over the course of the week.  Some Zoo U groups may have the opportunity to touch one of our education animals while on tour at the zoo, but this is not a guaranteed experience.

Will Zoo U students spend a lot of time in the classroom?

There are a few activities each day that are better suited to a classroom environment, but most of the day will be spent exploring and playing on zoo grounds.  Occasionally, the Zoo U program will utilize areas around the zoo such as Green Lake and Woodland Park.  Campers will always be under the supervision of our camp staff on or off zoo grounds during camp hours.   

How will Zoo U students travel off grounds? 

Occasionally, the Zoo U program will utilize areas off zoo grounds by walking.  Please ensure your camper wears proper footwear for walking at least a mile.  Your student will need a permission slip to leave grounds with the group. This form is included with the medical form.        

Is there a special camp t-shirt for Zoo U?

Zoo U students are not required to wear the brightly colored t-shirts that Zooper Day and Kinder Camp kids wear but should dress for the various weather Seattle experiences.