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Get your hands on our Zoo Doo

Woodland Park Zoo's coveted compost, Zoo Doo, saves tons of waste from the landfill while making your garden more beautiful. 

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As a zoo, we have a special responsibility to continually improve our environmental stewardship. We will significantly elevate sustainability in our business, intelligently and profitably integrating environmental considerations into strategic decisions and daily operations, thereby becoming an even more robust model of successful resource conservation.

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Woodland Park Zoo's
Zoo Doo® Compost

Woodland Park Zoo began this composting program in 1985 as a resource conservation program and as a way for the zoo to save money on disposal fees. Now the program composts some 600 tons of animal waste per year from our herbivorous animals that would be otherwise dumped into the landfill at an annual expense of more than $60,000.The Zoo Doo program recycles manure and bedding materials of hay and sawdust from the zoo’s non-primate herbivores and turns it into approximately 1,000 cubic yards of the most exotic compost in the Northwest.

Woodland Park Zoo Doo is available at the ZooStore year round and further information can be found on the Zoo Doo web page or by calling (206) 625-POOP (7667)

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Goals include :

    • Increase recycling—Reduce garbage and waste
    • Offer guests opportunity to recycle at every disposal opportunity
    • Establish simple visual cues for visitors (recycle/garbage recognition through icons, colors)
    • Provide appropriate conservation messages (linking recycling to conservation)

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Green Team

The Green Team is a multi-disciplinary group of zoo employees who pursue, promote and encourage sustainable daily practices at Woodland Park Zoo.

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Carbon Emissions

The zoo is a member of the Seattle Climate Partnership, joining with other Seattle area employers to reduce emissions to meet or beat the reduction targets of the Kyoto Protocol.