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Get your hands on our Zoo Doo

Woodland Park Zoo's coveted compost, Zoo Doo, saves tons of waste from the landfill while making your garden more beautiful. 

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Entries accepted August 22-September 14, 2016

Pick-up dates take place September 24-October 15, 2016


Submissions are now closed

Fecal Fest is now closed to submissions. Lucky entrants will be contacted by Dr. Doo to arrange a pick-up date between September 24-October 15, 2016.


What is Fecal Fest? 

Get your hands on the most desired compost in Seattle. Woodland Park Zoo’s Fecal Fest is right around the corner. The annual event invites local gardeners to enter a bid to purchase the exotic, highly-coveted Zoo Doo and Bedspread that Dr. Doo, also known as the “Prince of Poo,” the “GM of BM” or the “Grand Poopah,” has been piling all season. 

How do I enter the lottery? 

Submissions are accepted online only starting August 22-September 14, 2016. Return here for the official entry form and entry instructions on August 22, 2016. Fecal Fest is offered twice yearly, with the Spring Fecal Fest usually taking place in March. 

What happens if I am selected? 

Entries will be randomly selected according to supply and demand. Dr. Doo will contact the lucky drawn entries only. The lucky winners load the compost using shovels provided by the zoo. Pick up dates are September 24-October 15, 2016.



In addition to our popular Zoo Doo compost, you can enter for a chance to purchase Bedspread, a composted mulch made from the manures and bedding of the zoo’s non-primate herbivores. Bedspread is like Zoo Doo but contains higher amounts of wood chips and sawdust. It is excellent fertile mulch for perennial beds and woody landscapes such as native gardens, rose beds, shrubs, tree rings or pathways, and is an ideal mulch and soil builder for Northwest gardens. 


Prices for Bedspread

  • Pick-up truck 8x4 bed: $60
  • Pick-up truck 6x4 bed: $50
  • Pick-up truck 6x3 bed: $40

Limit two full truck loads per person.


Prices for Zoo Doo

  • 5 gallons for $5
  • 10 gallons for $10
  • 25 gallons for $15
  • 50 gallons for $20

Pint sized containers are also available at the ZooStore for $4.95

Limited to 100 gallons per recipient. No truckloads.

New this fall is Dr. Doo’s private reserve of Worm Doo, usually reserved just for the zoo’s greenhouse. Worm Doo is worm castings made from Woodland Park Zoo’s Zoo Doo compost and zoo coffee grounds. It is an exceptional rich soil and microbial diverse soil amendment recommended for seedlings, potted plants or in the garden. It’s been pooped once by exotic herbivores and pooped again by compost loving worms.

Worm Doo

  • Pint sized buckets $7
  • Only available at the ZooStores, while supplies last, starting August 22, 2016.


Info: For more information, call the poop line at 206.625.POOP (7667).