The TKCP Vision

TKCP envisions a sustainable, healthy environment that maintains the unique biodiversity of Papua New Guinea in balance with the culture and needs of human communities.

The TKCP Mission

The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program fosters wildlife and habitat conservation and supports local community livelihoods in Papua New Guinea through global partnerships, land protection and scientific research.

The TKCP Goals

Create an officially recognized Conservation Area (CA) on the Huon Peninsula of Papua New Guinea.

Establish a Community Based Organization (CBO) that provides long-term management for the CA and coordinates projects that address community needs.

Support long-term management and financial sustainability of the CBO.

Facilitate monitoring of the CA and promote scientific

Build local capacity to address needs in conservation, education and healthcare.

Develop a global network to support community-based conservation and act as a model for other conservation programs.

A view of the YUS landscape in Papua New Guinea.
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