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Jungle Party is Woodland Park Zoo’s signature fundraising event—proceeds are invested directly into making our visitor experiences more exceptional for you and your family. Contributions from Jungle Party 2016 will also support the Living Northwest Initiative that incorporates powerful field conservation and education efforts to transform how we coexist with our stunning, natural environment. With more than 1.3 million visitors annually and our sweeping Northern Trail exhibit (home to grizzlies, elk, wolves, owls, river otters and more) we are uniquely qualified to impact the behaviors of more individuals than any other cultural institution in the Puget Sound region. With your generous support, Woodland Park Zoo will continue its efforts to be recognized as a leading conservation education resource in the Pacific Northwest that also offers exciting and memorable wildlife experiences for visitors of all ages.


What does my money support?

At Woodland Park Zoo, our commitment to continued growth and development as one of the world’s finest zoos is grounded in our three pillars of animal care, education and conservation. All of the funds raised during Jungle Party aid the zoo in this mission. Your support goes towards:  

  • Maintaining and raising the level of excellence in animal care and exhibit design including the care of our nearly 1,100 exhibited animals representing nearly 300 different species. To learn more about the animals at Woodland Park Zoo please click here.

  • Opening up new worlds of learning for people of all ages and interests year-round through education and outreach programs. This includes student programs on zoo grounds and in classrooms, strategic partnerships and educator professional development offerings. To learn more about Woodland Park Zoo’s education programs please click here.

  • Ensuring Woodland Park Zoo continues to make a difference in the survival of threatened and endangered species in Washington and around the world. To learn more about Woodland Park Zoo’s conservation efforts and partners please click here.


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You can make a direct contribution to Jungle Party's Fund-Our-Future to support Woodland Park Zoo's mission.