Jungle Party’s “Fund-Our-Future” raises critical funds for Woodland Park Zoo programs that inspire more than one million visitors each year to take action in protecting animals and their habitats. Gifts made to this year’s Fund-Our-Future: Care, Connect, Conserve will help our zoo bring more kids (and adults, too!) face to face with animals and give them the tools to help save them in the wild.

Connecting our community with nature is at the core of Woodland Park Zoo’s mission, and our zoo’s presentation animal programs are a prime example of this effort. Meeting an animal face to face can be a rare experience for many children in our region, and it is a critical step in creating empathy for wild animals. From on-grounds animal feedings and encounters in the Family Farm Contact Area to formal programs like Up Close and Little Critters in Seattle Public Libraries, these awe-inspiring, multi-sensory experiences magnify our interdependence with all living creatures, driving us to make positive choices about our future. Your support of this year’s Fund-Our-Future also ensures excellent care for these animal ambassadors and in-depth training for our staff presenters.

Through creating a sense of caring for other species, Woodland Park Zoo aims to inspire our community and arm it with the tools to conserve animals and their wild places, especially in our own backyard. Conservation programs such as Living Northwest take a multi-pronged approach to saving threatened and endangered species in the Pacific Northwest. These programs include species recovery and reintroduction, long-term research projects, and community outreach and education, including our Co-Existing With Carnivores program – a partnership between Woodland Park Zoo, Western Wildlife Outreach and the Issaquah School District.

Your support of 2014 Fund-Our-Future helps your zoo:

  • Acquire new presentation animals, including small mammals,raptors, reptiles, amphibians and arthropods.
  • Provide behavioral training for our new presentation animals and animal-handling / presentation training for our staff and volunteers.
  • Support our field conservation programs and partnerships, including Living Northwest.

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