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For more than 110 years, Woodland Park Zoo has been a treasured community asset, serving as a resource for local residents and a partner for regional organizations. We live in a community that is deeply connected to its natural resources, its people and its wildlife—passions that are paralleled in our mission.

We share essential values with our community:

Good Neighbors

When Woodland Park Zoo was founded in 1899, most of Seattle’s population was concentrated on the hills around Elliott Bay. Since then, thriving neighborhoods have sprung up in North Seattle and Woodland Park Zoo now enjoys its position as next-door neighbor to the dynamic and diverse communities of Phinney Ridge, Greenwood, Green Lake, Ballard, Fremont and Wallingford.

To stay connected with neighbors, Woodland Park Zoo offers a Neighborhood Liaison Committee, neighbor e-newsletter, and annual Hoot for the Hood neighbor night.

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Access for All

We believe every kid (and kid at heart) should have access to their local zoo.

Woodland Park Zoo’s Community Access Program (CAP) partners with more than 400 human service organizations in the King County area who offer their clients a total of 70,000 complimentary passes to the zoo each year. The partner organizations serve homeless shelters, food banks, senior centers and homes, refugee communities, minority programs, disabled and mental health facilities, low-income youth centers, education programs and more. Support from zoo visitors, members and public funding through the King County Parks Levy make this community program possible.

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Sustainable Stewardship of Natural Resources

Climate change, resource depletion and introduction of toxins to the environment directly threaten the survival of wildlife and habitats. Because Woodland Park Zoo is committed to protecting and preserving wildlife and habitat for generations to come, we are taking a leadership role to inspire zoo visitors and communities across our region to meaningfully reduce their impact on the planet. To truly inspire naturally, our zoo itself must be a leading model of sustainable practices.

With diverse programs—from Zoo Doo compost to LEED-certified buildings, community solar projects to creative water recycling—the zoo is on track with its carbon, water and waste reduction goals and is fast becoming one of the most exciting and accessible local showcases for sustainable living.

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Advocacy for Positive Change

Every day, issues are being considered at the federal, state and local level that affect our zoo, our communities, our people, our wildlife and our wild places. Through ZooAction, Woodland Park Zoo teams with the community to raise our voices on critical policy and funding issues, advocating for positive change.

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