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From January 12-27, we asked Washington state residents: How much do you think our hippos weigh? From more than 2,800 entries, a winner has been chosen! 


Her winning guess for the combined weight was 6,280 pounds. Actual combined weight was 6,279.

Alane's Prize:

* A meet 'n' greet with Woodland Park Zoo's hippos behind the scenes in the hippo barn for a party of up to four, a free 4-gallon bucket of Zoo Doo, six single-day passes to the zoo, and a ZooParent hippo adoption with a hippo plush toy.

Guadalupe the hippo on a scale

Guadalupe getting weighed on her new scale.

Guadalupe the hippo


Guadalupe, 12 years old, arrived at Woodland Park Zoo in 2003 from Disney's Animal Kingdom. She can be identified from Water Lily by her darker and wider face. She also has a bumpy area between her ears which has earned her the nickname "Lumpy Lupe." Guadlupe weighed in at 3,285 pounds.

Water Lily the hippo

Water Lily

Water Lily, or just Lily, arrived at Woodland Park Zoo in 1979. Her face is pinker and narrower than her exhibit-mate, Guadalupe. She is 33 years old. Lily weighed in at 2,994.