The Tree Kangaroo Conservation Program and the communities of YUS are always seeking opportunities to collaborate with researchers and scientists to investigate questions across the YUS landscape. The YUS Conservation Area is one of Papua New Guinea’s most promising efforts at long-term, sustainable and culturally appropriate biodiversity conservation and community development. Research – both ecological and social – plays an important role in the success of the YUS CA initiative, evidenced by the fact that promoting world-class research is one of the five core strategies of the YUS Landscape Plan. The YUS Conservation Area has become a living laboratory for research in PNG. It contains an elevational transect from sea level to 3,000 meters that includes a series of basic field camps and research plots.

A number of research priorities have been identified by local landowners, TKCP, and partners as important to the long-term success of the YUS Conservation Area.

We are recruiting for two consultancies

Consultancy: Protected Area Management Planning

Consultancy: Community Engagement & Mobilization



Areas of Interest Include:

  • Ecology of hunted species (e.g., long-beaked echidnas, wallaby species, possum species, birds)

    • Tree kangaroo ecology

    • Tree kangaroo genetics

  • Traditional Ecological Knowledge

  • Terrestrial ecosystems

    • Habitat connectivity

    • Effectiveness of riparian zones as wildlife corridors

  • Biodiversity surveys

  • Marine and aquatic ecosystems

    • Sea turtle tracking

    • Coral use and harvesting intensity

  • Social and anthropological issues

    • Impacts of community livelihoods on the YUS Conservation Area

  • Sustainability and consumption

  • Climate change

    • Potential impacts to YUS communities and agriculture





Research questions relating to these fields are detailed in the YUS Landscape Plan. YUS is also home to a wide range of other rare and endemic species which will benefit from additional research.

In order to provide a positive, equitable experience for researchers and the YUS community, TKCP and the local landowner association (YUS Conservation Organization) have developed the YUS Conservation Area Research Protocol. The Protocol provides direction for prospective researchers with regard to research priorities, individual and institutional contacts in PNG, cultural norms and practices, access to research sites and research assistance. TKCP does not control who is or is not allowed to conduct research in YUS; the people of YUS are the landowners and ultimate decision makers. TKCP is, however, the institution with the most capacity for ensuring that research projects are appropriate and are developed and implemented with an understanding of current ‘best practice’ in YUS.

If you are interested in conducting field research in YUS, please contact our Program Director and our PNG-based Program Manager.