Coordinating Wildlife Camera Projects for Science and Conservation


Welcome to Wildlife Camera Network Northwest

Wildlife Camera Network Northwest (WCN-NW) is a collaboration of wildlife camera trap efforts in the Pacific Northwest. We facilitate communication among remote camera projects, develop and streamline camera trap methods and protocols, share camera-derived data, and develop broad-scale camera surveys in the region.

Some WCN-NW members are employing the Smithsonian Institution’s eMammal database, which allows for coding, uploading, and archiving camera trap data. eMammal also provides open data access to other researchers and conservationists.

Innovative projects like WCN-NW and eMammal are revolutionizing the science of wildlife camera trapping by helping professional and citizen scientists contribute to ecological studies in meaningful ways. Our collaboration serves as a national model for science-driven partnerships aimed at advancing wildlife conservation through valuable and efficient noninvasive research.


Wildlife Camera Network Northwest seeks to increase the scientific value and efficiency of regional camera trap efforts through cross-project communication, data-sharing, and synergistic partnerships among biologists, wildlife agencies, educators, conservationists, and other entities collecting wildlife data with remote cameras.